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Technical Specifications

All the recordings on our label are carried out by producer Alessandro Simonetto, starting from the relationship frequency samplitude of 88.2 kHz at 24 bit of resolution, and eventually edited in 32 bits.

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The main equipment used includes 4-channel Prism Sound Maselec and ADA XR (preamplifiers and converters), Brüel & Kjaer, Neumann, and Sennheiser microphones, and VoVox cables. Typically, the microphones are positioned in a very precise grid, avoiding random positioning, in order to recreate an "enlarged" stereo composition, and preferring fewer microphones as possible (no more than eight channels are used).

The final sound is obtained by the great attention with which the sound is captured, to which the mastering then gives the final spark, without changing any of the balance already recorded. Additionally, each recording has the maximum dynamic (LRA) present at the time of recording. Loudness Range (LRA) is an expression for short-term recording dynamics. We measure with “MusicScope” by Xivero.

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Ultimately, no recording is the same: each session is unique.


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