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Technical Specifications

All recordings on our label are meticulously crafted by producer Alessandro Simonetto, commencing at a sample rate of 88.2 kHz with a 24-bit resolution. Editing, mixing (in the case of multitrack recordings), and mastering are executed in 32 bits.

Our logo signifies HD Mastering.

The primary equipment employed includes (to mention the main) Prism Sound preamplifiers and ADA converters; Brel & Kjaer (non-modern DPA) and Neumann (including historical models); VoVox cables. Typically, microphones are strategically positioned to avoid random placement, aiming to recreate an "enlarged" stereo image. We prefer using as few microphones as possible, often not exceeding eight.

The final sonic quality is achieved through meticulous attention during the sound capture process, with mastering providing the finishing touch without altering the recorded balance. Each recording is designed to retain the maximum dynamic range (LRA) present at the time of capturing sound events. Loudness Range (LRA) serves as a measure for short-term recording dynamics, assessed using "MusicScope" by Xivero.

Logo representing the Loudness Range value of our recordings.

Ultimately, no recording is identical; each session is a unique experience.


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