Verona, 7th, 9-10th July, 2019
Sala Maffeiana - Accademia Filarmonica


A one-day long Competition featuring six selected contestants.


A monographic recital-length program (55-70 minutes)
featuring the works of one (unique) composer from the Romantic Era (list).
No age limit.

The purpose of the AEVEA Piano Prize is
the promotion of the first-prize winner through recordings (thanks to international distribution through Naxos), and through concert appearances.

The international panel of adjudicators features pianists, recording producers, music critics, and agents.



Deadline by 15 June, 2019 (postponed to) 20 June, 2019






  1. The APP AEVEA Piano Prize is organized by Associazione Musicale 'Scipione Maffei', Verona (Italy).
  2. The competition will take place at the prestigious Sala Maffeiana – a performance space of historical importance, as Mozart played there in 1770.

  3. All selected contestants will perform on a 2007 Steinway & Sons D-274 - Hamburg Piano.

  4. To enrolll in the APP, please, submit the Application form by 15 June, 2019 (postponed to 20 June, 2019).
  5. Each contestant should send a YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook link featuring recent performances recorded after 1 March, 2018. Videos must be at least 10 minutes in length.
    Edited videos are not allowed. However, cuts between pieces are allowed, provided that the video be recorded in one single session.
    The video must feature the same program (or part of it) that the contestant chose for the APP.
  6. A pre-screening jury will screen the submitted material, and will select eight candidates; of these, six will be admitted to the final round, while the other two will be kept in stand-by in case any of the first six finalists forfeit their participation in the APP.
  7. The six candidates will be notified on June 21, and must confirm their participation no later than June 22.
    In case of non-confirmation, the jury will contact the 7th and/or 8th candidate(s), who shall confirm their participation the same day.
  8. The six finalists will be publicly announced on the site (also
    All those who do not advance will remain anonymous.
    The admitted candidates will receive all necessary info via email.

  9. On July 7, each candidate shall arrive, according to the schedule, at Sala Maffeiana, and should bring a copy of the scores for the discographic production, and one original copy of the scores for the Jury.
    The performance will take place in front of the jury, and will be recorded live by OnClassical / AEVEA Label engineers.
  10. On July 9-10, the candidate may record (part of) the program again as a potential editing session.

  11. By sending the application form and the required fee, the candidate hereby accepts the following rules:
    - The verdict of the Jury is definitive.
    - The candidate renounces any and all rights on the recording, including any payments and rights.
    - The candidate agrees to be part of Associazione Musicale Scipione Maffei, * mentioned above (1.), which provides any help, including legal support.
  12. Selected candidates agrees to cover all the necessary expenses (travel, accommodation, meals, etc.).
  13. The competition, for reasons not depending on the will of the Association, may be canceled or postponed to a new date.

    * The Associazione Musicale Scipione Maffei is a non-profit. Its goal is cultural/musical in nature, and does not require any type of future payment and/or obligations.
    Statute may be available on request.






First Prize:

- Production and (CD/physical+digital) distribution of the recording  made during the APP, Label OnClassical / AEVEA. *
- 1-Concert organised by Accademia Filarmonica, Verona.
- 1-Concert organised by Società Filarmonica, Trento.

Prizes for all six candidates:
- Production and (digital) distribution of the recording made during the APP, Label OnClassical / AEVEA.

Other prizes may be assigned.

The distribution is made under exclusive by Naxos of America.



* 100 copies of the CD will go to the Artist free-of-charge.






Application form must be sent not later than June 15, 2019 (postponed to June 20, 2019), along with the payment of a fee of euros 60,00 to be made via PayPal (link) to: Associazione Musicale 'Scipione Maffei' - Subject: APP 2019.


It has come to our attention that some payments are not immediately processed. This occurs because the payment must first be approved by the recipient. To avoid glitches in the enrollment process, please make sure the payment is accredited via THIS form.






Thursday, June 20
- Deadline to enroll the APP.

Friday, June 21

- The selected candidates will be notified.


Saturday, June 22

- Finalists must confirm the presence at the APP.
- In contrary case it will be called the next candidate.




Saturday, July 6 – (from) h 15 @ Sala Maffeiana

- Rehearsals (not compulsory, and only by appointment)


Sunday, July 7 @ Sala Maffeiana

- Competition
- Artists may test the piano/hall acoustic 10 minutes before the beginning of the auditions.


Finalists of the Aevea Piano Prize (in alphabetical order):
- MinJung Baek
- Lovre Marusic
- Federico Pulina
- Evgeny Starodubtsev
- Alexey Sychev
- Marc Pierre Toth

Special mention to (7th finalist):
- Mariia Narodytska


Exact schedule soon available.


Monday, July 8, 2019 @ Sala Maffeiana
- h 20
Announcement of the winner of the 1st APP Competition.
- h 21

Frédérich Chopin:
The Two Piano Concertos: No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 11; No. 2 in F Minor, Op. 21
Version for string quartet and piano
Quartetto Accademia, string quartet
Paolo Ghidoni, violin
      Agnese Tasso, violin
      Eva Impellizzeri, viola
      Michele Ballarini, cello
Natalia Sokolovskaya, piano

Tuesday & Wednesday, July 9-10, 2019 - h 10-15 @ Sala Maffeiana

- Editing sessions (3+3 pianists)


In alphabetical order


Epifanio Comis, Pianist & Conductor

Katarina Krpan, Pianist

Cesare Galla, Music Critic

Federico Gianello, Pianist

Cesare Venturi, Artist Manager



c/o Associazione Musicale 'Scipione Maffei'
Via Terre 5, 37121 - Verona


Sala Maffeiana
Via Roma 1, 3721 - Verona







FEDERICO GIANELLO, President of Associazione Musicale 'Scipione Maffei'
LUIGI TUPPINI, President of Accademia Filarmonica, Verona

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