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Maurizio Zaccaria. George Gershwin: Published Piano Works. Leroy Shield: The Laurel & Hardy Original Music. - Alessandro Simonetto, piano Reynaldo Hahn: The Integrale Piano Works (in 4 CDs!). // Alessandro Deljavan, piano Frédérich Chopin: (Complete) Nocturnes. Francois Dumont, piano Frédérich Chopin: (Complete) Mazurkas. - Alessandro Deljavan, piano Elizabeth de La Guerre: Pièces de clavesin (6 Suites). - Elisabetta Guglielmin, harpsichord



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OnClassical is an independent label focused on solo and chamber music repertoire rendered by extraordinary artists and captured with the best sound equipment. A pioneer in the digital music, OnClassical has garnered accolades from international music magazines, radios, and audiophiles around the world, for its notable quality.

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Una bella proposta dell’etichetta OnClassical con la clavicembalista Elisabetta Guglielmin che nelle note non manca di ringraziare il suo Maestro Kenneth Gilbert che l’ha guidata alla scoperta della musica francese [...] —Guido Zaccagnini (06/03/2018)

Elisabetta plays these with apt gravitas and majesty. A former pupil of Gilbert, she has inherited much of his sobriety and restraint and throughout proves to be a fluent and persuasive interpreter of Jacquet de la Guerre’s distinctively French idiom. —Kate Bolton-Porciatti ****/***** (22/02/2018)

L'extrême clarté enfin pour faire saillir le lyrisme fondamental de ces morceaux, et un travail fouillé sur la dynamique, depuis des pianissimos envoûtants jusqu'à des orages grandioses et contrôlés dans les épisodes médians. —Jean-Pierre Robert ***** (19/02/2018)



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