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Schubert, F.: Gran Duo in A Major, Op. Posth. 162, D. 574; Trio in E-Flat Major, Op. Posth. 100, D. 929
Trio La Cadenza, Trio

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Franz Schubert's "Gran Duo in A Major, Op. Posth. 162, D. 574" and "Trio in E-Flat Major, Op. Posth. 100, D. 929" represent two captivating works that showcase the composer's profound melodic genius and compositional skill.
The "Gran Duo" is an exuberant piece that brims with vitality. Composed for piano four hands and featuring a bright A major key, it radiates joy and energy. Schubert's thematic richness and harmonic inventiveness are evident throughout, making it a delightful exploration of the possibilities presented by the piano duet format.
In contrast, the "Trio in E-Flat Major" is a monumental work scored for piano, violin, and cello. This trio, known as the "Notturno," exudes a sense of lyrical elegance and emotional depth. Schubert's signature gift for melody shines through, creating a sublime and introspective atmosphere. The piece unfolds with grace, allowing each instrument to contribute to the overall expressive tapestry.
Both compositions, though categorized as posthumous works, embody the essence of Schubert's Romantic style. The "Gran Duo" and "Trio in E-Flat Major" stand as testaments to Schubert's ability to craft music that resonates with both technical brilliance and profound emotional depth, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience the beauty of his compositions.

In 2022, the exceptional Piano Trio La Cadenza was established, bringing together the talents of Martina Tabakova on piano, Zornitsa Ilarionova on violin, and cellist Kristiyan Chernev.
Martina Tabakova, a pianist of distinction, graduated from the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia under the guidance of the eminent professor Marina Kapatsinskaya. Zornitsa Ilarionova, an accomplished violinist, studied with world-renowned professor Zakhar Bron in Madrid and the distinguished international violinist Mario Hossen at New Bulgarian University. Additionally, she honed her skills at the "Santa Cecilia" Music Academy in Bergamo, Italy, under Professor Pavel Vernikov. Cellist Kristiyan Chernev received his education at the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Boulogne-Billancourt in France and the Prof. Pancho Vladigerov National Music Academy.
The collaboration between Martina Tabakova and Zornitsa Ilarionova began as a duo in 2019, and by 2020, they were honored with the prestigious "Musician of the Year" award in the category of "Ensemble of the Year" by Bulgarian National Radio. The duo quickly gained recognition on the international stage, securing top prizes at renowned competitions, including the International Moscow Music Competition (First Prize), International Music Competition "Leopold Bellan" in Paris (First Prize and Aevea Piano Prize), "Wiener Klassiker" Danubia Talents in Hungary (First Prize), "Music Prospect" in Moscow (First Prize), and the Rudolph Barshai International Competition in Russia (Second Prize).
In 2021, the duo recorded a digital album for the OnClassical label featuring works by César Franck. In the following year, the ensemble expanded into a trio with the inclusion of cellist Kristiyan Chernev. The trio was invited to record another digital album for the OnClassical label, this time featuring Franz Schubert's Piano Trio No. 2 and the Grand Duo Sonata for violin and piano. The invitation is a testament to the trio's growing reputation and their ability to interpret and bring to life the masterpieces of classical music. La Cadenza continues to captivate audiences with their exceptional musicality and collaborative synergy.

Gran Duo in A Major, Op. Posth. 162, D. 574; Trio in E-Flat Major, Op. Posth. 100, D. 929
Trio La Cadenza, Trio

Prod. No.: 376 / 2023
Cat. No: OC23044B
UPC: 685071378168
No. Album(s): 1

Recorded @ Saletta acustica 'Eric James', Pove del Grappa, 2023

Sound engineer: Alessandro Simonetto
Photo/paint on cover: N/A
Artwork: OnClassical

Equipment used: N/A
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano, 'Audi-O'

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