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Buxtehude, D.: Organ Works [6-album set]

Simone Stella, Organ

2012 ‐ N/A
Original Audio at 88.2 kHz * 24 bit


Track list

Praeludium in D, BuxWV 139
Chorale Preludes
Toccata in G (manualiter), BuxWV 164
Passacaglia in d, BuxWV 161
Canzonetta in a, BuxWV 225
Praeludium in F, BuxWV 144
Praeludium in e, BuxWV 143
Canzona in d, BuxWV 168
Magnificat primi toni, BuxWV 204
Magnificat noni toni, BuxWV 205
Fuge in B, BuxWV 176
Praeludium in g (manualiter), BuxWV 163
Praeludium in C, BuxWV 138
Canzona in G, BuxWV 171
Praeludium in G (manualiter), BuxWV 162
Canzonetta in C, BuxWV 167
Praeludium in a, BuxWV 152
Canzona in C, BuxWV 166
Toccata in F, BuxWV 157
Praeludium, Fuge und Ciaccona in C, BuxWV 137
Praeludium in G, BuxWV 147
Fuga in G, BuxWV 175
Praeambulum in a, BuxWV 158
Ciacona in e, BuxWV 160
Canzonetta in G, BuxWV 172
Toccata in G (manualiter), BuxWV 165
Toccata in d, BuxWV 155
Fuga in C, BuxWV 174
Praeludium in g, BuxWV 148
Ciacona in c, BuxWV 159
Praeludium in E, BuxWV 141
Canzonetta in e, BuxWV 169
Canzona in g, BuxWV 173
Praeludium in C, BuxWV 136
Praeludium in g, BuxWV 150
Praeludium in e, BuxWV 142
Praeludium in A, BuxWV 151
Praeludium in fis, BuxWV 146
Praeludium in a, BuxWV 153
Toccata in F, BuxWV 156
Magnificat primi toni, BuxWV 203
Praeludium in g, BuxWV 149
Canzona in G, BuxWV 170
Praeludium in d, BuxWV 140
Praeludium in F, BuxWV 145
Te Deum laudamus, BuxWV 218

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Dieterich Buxtehude (c. 1637/39-1707) was a Danish-German organist and composer of the Baroque period. His organ works represent a central part of the standard organ repertoire. He composed in a wide variety of vocal and instrumental idioms, and his style strongly infuenced many composers, including Johann Sebastian Bach. Today, Buxtehude is considered one of the most important composers in Germany of the mid-Baroque.
Simone Stella courageously tackles the challenge of record labeling of this giant. He does it with firm determination and great virtuosity, and a colorful / timbral choice of maximum respect.
A 2-microphones perfect stereo recording in HD 88.2/24-bits.


Saluons la réussite d'un interprète à suivre. ‐ ***** (01/07/2015) 


OnClassical - OC131SET6
Buxtehude, D.: Organ Works [6-album set]
Simone Stella, Organ

Production No.: 4 / 2012
Catalog: OC131SET6
EAN / UPC: 0/720189873225
No. album(s): 6

Recorded at Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate, Padova, 2011

An OnClassical production, © 2011

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