OnClassical | OC23014B | 2022

Glass, P.: Metamorphosis & Other Works
Jacopo Salvatori, Piano

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Total duration: 72:27
Original audio @ 88.2 kHz * 24 bits


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Philip Glass's "Metamorphosis" is a mesmerizing piano work that consists of five movements, each exploring subtle transformations in sound. The repetitive and minimalist nature of Glass's style is evident in the gradual evolution of musical motifs throughout the piece.
"Metamorphosis": A captivating five-movement piano exploration of subtle transformations in sound.
"Mad Rush": An expansive piece divided into two parts, featuring mesmerizing repetitive patterns.
"Wichita Vortex Sutra": A two-part composition providing a unique sonic journey.
"Opening from Glassworks": A dynamic composition with two distinct parts, marked by rhythmic precision and evolving motifs.
"Modern Love, Waltz": A two-part waltz with an engaging and modern character.
"Trilogy Sonata": A three-part sonata featuring movements from Glass's iconic operas, including "Einstein on the Beach" and "Akhnaten."
These selected titles or opus showcase Glass's minimalist style, characterized by repetitive structures, evolving themes, and a profound ability to create immersive musical experiences. Each piece offers a unique glimpse into the composer's genius and contributes to the enduring legacy of minimalist music.

Metamorphosis & Other Works
Jacopo Salvatori, Piano

Prod. No.: 355 / 2022
Cat. No: OC23014B
UPC: 685071117552
No. Album(s): 1

Recorded @ Saletta acustica 'Eric James', Pove del Grappa, 2022

Sound engineer: Alessandro Simonetto
Photo/paint on cover: N/A
Artwork: OnClassical

Equipment used: N/A
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano, 'Audi-O'

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