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Bach, J.S.: Art of Fugue, (The), BWV 1080 [2-album set]
Antonio Palareti, Piano

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The "Art of Fugue" (Die Kunst der Fuge), composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, is a monumental work that explores the intricate and sophisticated world of fugues. While originally intended for keyboard instruments, Bach did not specify the instrument, and various arrangements and interpretations have been made over the years.
In the context of a piano version of "The Art of Fugue," the work takes on new dimensions and challenges. The piano, with its polyphonic capabilities, allows for a rich and nuanced presentation of the contrapuntal complexities inherent in the fugues. The adaptability of the piano makes it an ideal instrument to convey the intricate voices and counterpoints that characterize Bach's compositions.
Performing "The Art of Fugue" on the piano demands technical virtuosity, interpretive skill, and a deep understanding of Bach's contrapuntal writing. The pianist must navigate the intricate web of voices, bringing out the individual lines while maintaining a cohesive and unified musical expression. The work is often considered a pinnacle of polyphonic composition, and interpreting it on the piano requires a meticulous attention to detail.
One notable challenge in the piano version is the absence of specific dynamic and expressive indications in Bach's original manuscript. This leaves room for the pianist to make interpretive choices, infusing the performance with their artistic sensibility. The challenge lies in finding the right balance between fidelity to Bach's intentions and the expressive possibilities inherent in the piano.
Despite the challenges, the piano version of "The Art of Fugue" offers a captivating journey into Bach's mastery of counterpoint and fugue. It allows for a personal and intimate connection with the work, as the pianist explores the depth and complexity of each fugue and contrapuntal section. The piano adaptation provides a unique lens through which audiences can appreciate the timeless beauty and intellectual depth of Bach's "Art of Fugue."
Antonio Palareti gives a new version of "The Art of Fugue": romantic and dramatic, mystic and rough together, characteristics that directly lead to its composer, as Piero Buscaroli confirmed on the great essay about Johann Sebastian Bach. Palareti's vision of the greater Bachian work also brings to mind Glenn Gould's pianism with a clear and lucid view at the structure of counterpoints. Buscaroli defined this performance as an instrumental triumph.
The version at onclassical.com is the posthumous one (published in 1751) and consists of 14 fugues (with the unfinished one) and 4 2-voice canons.

Art of Fugue, (The), BWV 1080 [2-album set]
Antonio Palareti, Piano

Prod. No.: 25 / 2008
Cat. No: OC140SET2
UPC: 720189873119
No. Album(s): 2

Recorded @ Teatro Bonci, Cesena, 1996-2008

Sound engineer: David Monacchi
Photo/paint on cover: N/A
Artwork: OnClassical

Equipment used: N/A
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano

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