OnClassical | OC21096B | 2021

Franck, C.: Violin & Piano Works
Duo Ilarionova Tabakova, Duo

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César Franck, a Belgian-born composer of the Romantic era, is celebrated for his significant contributions to French music. Among his notable compositions are several works for violin and piano, which stand as prime examples of his expressive and emotionally charged musical style.
1. Violin Sonata in A Major (1886): Franck's Violin Sonata is arguably his most famous work for this instrumental combination. Composed as a wedding gift for the famous violinist Eugène Ysaïe, the sonata is a four-movement masterpiece that seamlessly blends cyclic form and cyclic themes. Each movement is connected thematically, creating a unified and tightly-knit structure. The work is known for its passionate lyricism, rich harmonies, and virtuosic demands on both the violinist and pianist. The cyclical return of themes throughout the piece contributes to its cohesion and emotional impact.
2. "Mélancolie" (1886): While not as well-known as the Violin Sonata, Franck's "Mélancolie" is a captivating and poignant work for violin and piano. It is a brief, introspective piece that showcases Franck's ability to evoke deep emotions with a relatively economical musical language. The piece unfolds with a melancholic character, making effective use of Franck's distinctive harmonic language.
3. "Andantino quietoso" (1886): Originally part of the set "Trois Pièces," this piece is a gem that exhibits Franck's mastery in creating expressive and evocative miniatures. The "Andantino quietoso" is characterized by its lyrical beauty, delicate phrasing, and intimate atmosphere. It serves as a testament to Franck's versatility in capturing diverse moods within the confines of a shorter musical form.
César Franck's violin works, particularly the Violin Sonata in A Major, hold a special place in the repertoire for violin and piano. His use of cyclic form, lush harmonies, and emotional depth have secured his legacy as a Romantic composer of great influence. These pieces continue to be cherished by musicians and audiences alike for their beauty, expressiveness, and the unique voice they bring to the world of chamber music.

Violin & Piano Works
Duo Ilarionova Tabakova, Duo

Prod. No.: 278 / 2021
Cat. No: OC21096B
UPC: 634065038991
No. Album(s): 1

Recorded @ Vladigerov National Music Academy, Sofia, 2020

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Artwork: OnClassical

Equipment used: B&K mics.
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano

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