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Chopin, F.: Nocturnes [2-album set]
François Dumont, Piano

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Total duration: 59:28
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From the forward-thinking pianism and sublime originality displayed by the early Op. 9 (1830-31) to the filigreed arabesques that grace the middle-register melodies in the more imposing structures of Op. 62 (1846), it is the nocturnes that allow us to trace Chopin’s aesthetic evolution. Indeed, his intention to create a new era in art is here in full display, not only in the magical sonorities he managed to evoke from the instrument, but also in his revolutionary lyricism, present from the onset, in which operatic archetypes unite with completely new pianistic intuitions. Chopin’s nocturnes were the works of an inspired soul; in turn, they inspired future generations of composers.
A prize winner in the XVI International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, French pianist François Dumont presents a double album featuring Chopin’s complete nocturnes. Dumont brings years of life experience in this performance, playing with refinement and inspiration. In addition to the nocturnes that Chopin published during his lifetime, the present recording includes the Nocturne in E Minor, possibly written in Warsaw in 1827 and published posthumously in 1855 as part of Op. 72; the Nocturne in C Minor, B. 108, written in 1837 but published only in 1938; and a piece inscribed “Largo con gran espressione,” a work Chopin composed for his sister in 1830 as she studied his Second Piano Concerto (thematic material from the Concerto in F Minor is recognizable throughout the piece). The latter is perhaps one of Chopin’s most celebrated works, and was titled “nocturne” only upon its publication in 1875.
Mr. Dumont’s recording of Chopin’s complete nocturnes took place on February 2017 and is recorded with 3 microphones stereo pair.


A reliable account of a great work, accompanied by good renditions of most of smaller piano pieces. It is very well recorded, and the booklet notes are engaging. ‐Harrington (01/06/2019) 

"Les disques du mois." Dumont souligne une pureté de son et un respect absolu des limites sonores de l'instrument. L'écriture dense est sculptée par une économie de pédale et une polyphonie lucide [...]. ‐Melissa Khong ****/4 (01/05/2019) 

It’s a dark-toned work and Dumont renders its particular drama, with its occasional near explosiveness and tenderness, remarkably. [...] His performance is equally convincingly. His tone is beautiful and his piano is clearly and warmly recorded. ‐Michael Ullman (02/08/2018) 

Dumont, capace di dominare la materia sonora. Davvero degna di nota la presa del suono. Dinamica precisa, dotata di una sua naturalezza e debita velocità [...] ‐Andrea Bedetti ***** (15/08/2018) 

[...] the rising French pianist François Dumont with a stunning new version [...] a clarity, momentum and coherence that immediately grab the ear. His controlled pianissimos imbue the melodies with tender sweetness. ‐Michael Johnson **** (01/09/2018) 

L'éclectique François Dumont privilégie una atmosphère douce, un peu effacée, non sans charme. L'ensemble, sage et uniforme, finit par nous plonger dans une confortable lassitude. ‐Bertrand Boissard **** (01/04/2018) 

With bell-like melodic lines, Dumont elicits a singing tone from the piano. Emotions are to the fore, without the undue histrionics of many Chopin performances. ‐OC **** (01/04/2018) 

L'extrême clarté enfin pour faire saillir le lyrisme fondamental de ces morceaux, et un travail fouillé sur la dynamique, depuis des pianissimos envoûtants jusqu'à des orages grandioses et contrôlés dans les épisodes médians. ‐Jean-Pierre Robert ***** (19/02/2018) 

Devrions-nous Evoquer, distinguer un Nocturne plus qu'un autre que cela serait presque indélicat et spécieux. De bout en bout, la tenue du jeu est irréprochable, le toucher resplendissant, les respirations appropriées. ‐Jean-Paul Bottemanne Lex News (09/02/2018) 

Nocturnes [2-album set]
François Dumont, Piano

Prod. No.: 203 / 2018
Cat. No: AE17044
UPC: 634065038502
No. Album(s): 2

Recorded @ Studio I, Flagey, Belgium, 2017

Sound engineer: Frédérich Briant
Photo/paint on cover: Joseph Berardi
Artwork: OnClassical

Equipment used: Shoeps mics.
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano

An OnClassical prod., © 2017

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