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OnClassical featured Artists: Alessandro Simonetto

Alessandro Simonetto is a tremendous natural talent (Eric James, music associate of Sir Charles S. Chaplin).


Alessandro Simonetto studied harpsichord, piano, composition and sound engineering at the Conservatories of Music Agostino Steffani in Castelfranco Veneto and Cesare Pollini in Padua, Italy. He then refined his skills through the participation at various master classes, and through performance studies at the KTH/TMH of Stockholm, and in his native country.

In 2002, with the collaboration of dozens of enthusiast musicians, Mr. Simonetto launched the site is now the main resource of .mid files of classical music on the internet. Alessandro Simonetto is also the founder, producer, and artistic director of the record label OnClassical (, the first example of iLabel entirely devoted to classical music. Through this initiative he has been often interviewed by major Italian newspapers and radios and invited to some of the most important festivals. He has produced over one-hundred recordings, which have been eventually released by various labels.


Alessandro Simonetto
Alessandro Simonetto (photo by Alessandro Simonetto, 2010)


As a recording artist, Mr. Simonetto has debut with the 9 Suittes voor Clavicembel (9 Suites for harpsichord) by Pieter Bustijn physically released and distributed for Brilliant Classics. This is the world-premiere recording of the only existant keyboard works of the baroque Flemish composer.

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