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Erik Satie: Early & Esoteric Piano Works [3-album set]
Alessandro Simonetto
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Classical Music
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World's First Release!2015


The 3-CD set “Erik Satie: Early and esoteric works" collects the works of his spiritual period. It includes the complete poem in three-acts, Les Fils des Etoilès (69 minutes), known above all for the Three Prèludes and the (7th) Gnossienne, here in their correct dimension and placing; and USPUD, another three-act poem (25 minutes). The collection also includes, besides the famous Gymnopédies, Gnossiennes and Sarabandes, some unfinished and rare works such as the Chanson Hongroise, Leit-motiv de ‘Panthée’ and Verset Laïque & Somptueux. This recording wishes to underline the mystical and pictorial aspect, delicate and introverted, of this innovative composer's music. The list of works includes all the known piano work written from 1887 to 1900 with the exception of the few cabaret pieces and the two walzes (1885) which will be included in a  dedicated disk.
”Satie, you never had greater admirers than Ravel and myself; many of your early works had a great influence on our writing. Your 'Prélude de La porte héroïque du ciel' was to us a revelation, so original, so different from that Wagnerian atmosphere which has surrounded us in late years. I liked your Gymnopédies so much that I orchestrated two of them. You have some kind of genius, or you have genius, period. Now, as a true friend may I warn you that from time to time there is in your art a certain lack of form." -Claude Debussy
To listen to some excerpts: https://soundcloud.com/julius-bluthner/sets/erik-satie-early-and-esoteric.


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Recorded @: Saletta acustica 'Eric James', Pove del Grappa, 2015
Sound engineer: Alessandro Simonetto
Photo/paint on cover: Mark Demsteader: 'Shallow Waters No. 2' (2015)
Artwork: ©OnClassical
© OnClassical, 2015


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