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Liszt, F.: Années de pèlerinage, S 161 - Italie

Roberto Poli, Piano

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Liszt, F.: Années de pèlerinage, II 'Italy'


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Antonio Palareti gives a new version of the Art of Fugue, romantic and dramatic, mystic and rough together. His vision of the greater bachiana work sometime reminds Glenn Gould pianism. Piero Buscaroli, author of the monumental essay on Johann Sebastian Bach, sposa in pieno la versione del pianista romagnolo as a true instrumental triumph. The version at is the posthum one (published on 1751) consists of 14 fugues (with the unfinished one) and 4 2-voice canons.


Recorded @ New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall, 2002
Sound engineer: Kazuto Maekawa
Equipment used: N/A
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano
Photo/paint on cover: Jean J.B. Constant: 'Glorification de la Musique' (1898)
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