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Satie, E.: Gymnopédies, Gnossiénnes, Sarabandes, Sonnerie de la Rose Croix, Prélude de la porte héroïque du ciel

Alessandro Deljavan, Piano

Album(s): 1

Album catalog: OC71LR
EAN/UPC: 0/3610152769167
Original audio available @ 88.2 kHz * 24 bits


Album content:

Satie, E.: Prélude de la porte Héroïque du Ciel
Satie, E.: Sarabandes [3]
Satie, E.: Gymnopédies [3]
Satie, E.: Gnossiennes [3]
Satie, E.: Sonneries de la Rose+Croix [3]


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Satie was an original spirit, a genial inventor of a new music writing largely admired by his contemporary, Claude Debussy, that in a letter wrote: "Satie, you never had greater admirers than Ravel and myself; many of your early works had a great influence on our writing. Your 'Prélude de la Porte Héroïque du Ciel' [1894] was to us a revelation [...]".
The music on this album belongs to the mystical period. The Gymnopédie is one of the most popular pieces ever.
Maestro Alessandro 'Deljamania' Deljavan gives us a rarified, spiritual reading, deeply calm and mature while the warm sound of engineer Simonetto perfectly suits with his artistic purposes.


Recorded @ Teatro Montegrappa, Rosà, Vicenza, 2011
Sound engineer: Alessandro Simonetto
Equipment used: Neumann mics.
Instrument(s) used: 9-foot Steinway D piano
Photo/paint on cover: Graphic by OnClassical using photo by x1brett from (CC BY)
Artwork: OnClassical
An OnClassical production, ©2011


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