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Aevea Piano Prize (APP)

IV/2024 — Jury@Home Edition

Application deadline: 28 July, 2024



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Verona, 12-14 August, 2024
15 August (reserve day)
Sala Maffeiana - Accademia Filarmonica

For Solo Piano / Chamber Music Duo & Trio w/ Piano / Piano 4-Hands



The Aevea Piano Prize (APP) is an International Competition whose purpose is to promote selected participants through relevant performance opportunities and worldwide distribution of their recordings.


The competition takes place at the prestigious Sala Maffeiana in Verona, located nearby the Arena. Considered the oldest concert hall in Italy, it hosted performances of 13-year-old Mozart, in 1770.


The international jury includes renowned pianists, producers, music critics, and agents.
The First Prize winner will be chosen after the recording of the final live session.



Application deadline: Saturday 28 July, 2024





I. Pre-selection / First Round [from Home] (click to enlarge)

  1. Registration.
    To register for the competition, the candidate shall complete the application form, specify the chosen composers and repertoire, its approximate duration, and attach the video and the receipt of payment of the registration fee.
  2. Video.
    Each candidate will provide a link to a YouTube video featuring a performance of at least 15 (fifteen) minutes *from the program chosen*:
    - The video must be recorded within the last 6 months.
    - Edited videos are not allowed.
    - Multiple-cameras videos are not allowed.
  3. Pre-selection.
    A jury - formed by some artists and staff of the label OnClassical - will screen the submitted material, and will select up to 12 (twelve) candidates; of these, 6-9 (nine) will be admitted to the recording round, depending on the complexity of the recording itself, while the other 3 (three) will be considered in stand-by should any of the other finalists forfeit their participation.
    Jury's verdict is definitive and not contestable.
    The organization reserves the right to select a minor number of finalists given the level of the partecipants.
  4. Confirmation.
    The finalists will be notified not later than August 5, 2024.
  5. Anonymity.
    All the candidates, who do not advance to the final round, will remain anonymous.
    The admitted candidates (finalists) will receive all necessary info via email.


II. Final Round [in Verona] (click to enlarge)

  1. Arrival.
    Finalist(s) will arrive in Sala Maffeiana between August 12-14, according to the agreed schedule.
    The recording might require a 15/30-minute set-up before each performance, while the candidate will be able to practise.
  2. Recording. *
    Finalist(s) will play/record a recital of 55-70 minutes behind closed doors.
    Only technical staff will be present, not the jury.
    Finalist(s) will perform "live" as in a normal competition/concert.
    Short pauses/breaks are allowed between pieces.
  3. Editing. *
    Each candidate will have the chance to record thirty (30) extra minutes for eventual editing.
    The editing session is only intended to improve the "live" main recording.
    * In case of outside interferences, such as a thunderstorm, bird noise, etc., the producer may decide to start over giving the candidates a longer session.
  4. Choice of the audio material.
    The producer will send the recorded material (both the "live" and the editing sessions) to each finalist, who will ensure that the final takes be chosen within thirty (30) days.
    In case the deadline is not met, the producer reserves the right to complete the final master.
  5. Verdict.
    The final masters will be sent, unlabeled, to each jury's member.
    Each jury member will make his/her independent decision.
    Jury's verdict is definitive and not contestable.
    The voting system and/or the pre-screening juror's name may be made available upon request.
  6. Publication.
    The final masters will be published by the label OnClassical (exclusively distributed by Naxos Digital) on the major platforms (Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Youtube Music, HDTracks, HighResAudio, and many others).


III. Recording / Publishing Agreement (click to enlarge)

  1. The label has the exclusive, irrevocable, unrestricted right, to use (or not to use) the master in all territories, in whatever form including, not limited to, the production, the copying, the sale and the distribution of physical copies, digital sales (downloads/ streaming), third-part licensing, etc.
  2. The candidate renounces to any and all rights, including any payment and/or royalties, that may derive from the publication, the sales, and the licensing of the master.
  3. The candidate(s) is/are entitled, at his/her/their discretion, to have a printing of the final master - as made by the label - at a cost price.

    The awarding of concert prizes are the responsability of the respective societies.



Due to reasons beyong our control, the competition may be postponed to a new date or cancelled. In the last case subscription fee will be fully refunded.





1st Prize: assigned by the Jury [1]

Prizes for the 6-9 finalists [2]


[1] The Jury will be formed by staff and artist members of the label OnClassical. The Jury will decide and assign the 1st Prize once the master will be completed.
[2] All finalists will experience the process of a professional recording made during their performances, a special editing session, and the release of a final master distributed online by Naxos of America.


* High non-quantifiable value.
100% free-of-charge for the Artist/s.

Total Prizes: euros 15,000
Toward the Production of High-Quality Recordings Distributed Worldwide.

Minimum Value of the Prizes:
- 6x Live Recordings, Editing (30 Mins. Recording), Mixing & Mastering, Publication - Value: euros 1,500+ / each.
- 1x Studio Recording* (1 Full Day), Editing (4 Hours), Mixing & Mastering, Publication, 300 Free CD's to the Winner, Promotion with the International Distributor - Value: euros 7,500+ *
* Including rehearsal of half a day on the recording piano.
- Other prizes may be added.


Application form

Candidate shall fill the application form (green link) and attach the receipt of the payment (euros 34.9 per member) within the deadline (postponed) of July 28, 2024, h. 12 pm.
By sending the Application Form the candidates hereby accept the Agreement (Rules above).



Payment methods

Deutsche Bank




Payment amount: (only) euros 34.9 per member

Specification: AEVEA - Subject: APP 2024


PayPal (click here to send the application fee)



Payment amount: (only) euros 34.9 per member!
Specification: AEVEA - Subject: APP 2024


* Copy (CTRL+C or CMD+C) and Paste (CTRL+V or CMD+V) the IBAN code for avoiding errors.


The Associazione Culturale Aevea reserves the right to increase the registration fee starting from the month of June for organizational reasons.




Sunday, July 28, h. 12 pm.

- Application deadline



Pre-screening jury:
- Staff and Artists of the Aevea Piano Prize



II Round - Calendar of the recording sessions:


    - Monday, August 12
        H. 9 am - 12 pm     
        H. 2 pm - 5 pm       
        H. 6 pm - 9 pm       


    - Tuesday, August 13
        H. 9 am - 12 pm     
        H. 2 pm - 5 pm       
        H. 6 pm - 9 pm       


    - Wednesday, August 14
        H. 9 am - 12 pm     
        H. 2 pm - 5 pm       
        H. 6 pm - 9 pm       



- Editing


- Announcement of the winner





Past winners:

2019    Evgeny Starodubtsev
2020    Feodor Amirov
           Marcin Wieczoreck (Chopin Prize)
2021    Maria Narodytska (2nd Prize [1st Not Assigned])
2022    Not occurred
2023    Not occurred



Alessandro Simonetto & Other Musicians of the OnClassical label



MinJung Baek (KOR)

Alessandro Deljavan (ITA)

Maria Narodytska (UKR)

Danilo Rossi (ITA)

Amedeo Cicchese (ITA)

Pieter van Winkel (NLD)




Past jury members:

Andrea Bedetti (ITA), Diana Bonatesta (ITA), Gala Chistiakova (RUS), Epifanio Comis (ITA), Thomas (Tom) Deacon (USA ), Lorenzo Di Bella (ITA), Massimiliano Ferrati (ITA), Federico Gianello (ITA), Cesare Galla (ITA), Giuseppe Greco (ITA), Katarina Krpan (CRO), Roberto Poli (USA), Matthias Röder (GER), Evgeny Starodubtsev (RUS), Cesare Venturi (ITA).



The AEVEA PIANO PRIZE is located @

Sala Maffeiana
Via Roma 1, 37121 - Verona

(Click on the address to open the map)


Airports (closest):
Verona/Villafranca [Valerio Catullo] (VRN)
Milan-Bergamo/Orio al Serio (BGY)
Milan Malpensa (MXP)
Milan Linate (LIN)
Venice [Marco Polo] (VCE)
Treviso [Antonio Canova] [(TSF)




A22 (Brennero)
A4 (Torino-Venezia)


Distances from the closest cities:
Trento km. 103
Bozen km 157
Vicenza km 51
Venice km 114
Milan km 161
Bologna km 142


Q.: How many categories are there?

A.: You can enroll in the solo-piano, piano-4-hands, piano-duo, and piano-trio categories. One First Prize will be awarded to a pianist or one ensemble for each category (in the case of ensembles, the prize will be shared among the group’s members).


Q.: How many rounds are there?

A.: There are two rounds: 1) A pre-selection stage through videos sent by the candidates. 2) A final stage in which 9 candidates/finalists will be playing in Verona.


Q.: Can I send a video with different repertoire?

A.: No, the same repertoire must be presented.


Q.: I do not own a piano. Can I send a video recorded with an electronic piano (Clavinova or similar)?

A.: Yes, as long as it is recorded live, with no internal cables or via MIDI.


Q.: Are there any compulsory pieces to play?

A.: No.


Q.: When will the jury deliberate? When will the prizes be awarded?

A.: Once all the finalists have performed, we will move on to the editing session, and will complete the recordings in the following months. In November/December the jury will listen to the final masters. The final verdict will be announced in December.


Q.: Will the jury know who is playing in the recording?

A.: No. Recordings will not be labeled in any way that would disclose the contestant’s identity. The names of the finalists will be made public, but not the their repertoire. We encourage the contestants to not reveal their repertoire until a deliberation from the jury is made available.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to .



Our Partners

OnClassical is a classical music label based in Italy.
OnClassical was the first label* to allow the free download of entire files from its catalog, while at the same time offering the purchase of a high-resolution version.
While remaining a niche reality, over the years OnClassical has received accolades from international critics and specialized magazines and blogs for the quality of its recordings.
In over fifteen years of activity, the OnClassical catalog has downloaded by millions of users worldwide, with over 120,000,000 streams on Spotify alone.
OnClassical is distributed by Naxos of Usa.


Andrea De Biasi, a certified Steinway Academy piano technician with over 20 years of experience, has prepared pianos for renowned musicians such as Martha Argerich, Murray Perahia, Yuja Wang, and many others. His company, Piano Vintage, is a leader in piano restoration in Italy.



Special Partners

Accademia Filarmonica di Verona
Brilliant Classics
Fuga Distribution
Naxos of America
Steinway Society
Venturi Music Managment





c/o Sala Maffeiana
Via Roma 1, 37121 - Verona

(Click on the address to open the map)