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Unlike other record labels and music websites:

Top rank. You are chosen from the ranks of musicians of unquestionable bravura

Ownership. You maintain the full ownership on your performances

Non-exclusive. You join to a non-esclusive agreement with us

this means that:

- you are free to sign any other agreement you wish

- you can give (sell, re-sell) the master to whomever you wish

Profile. You have a dedicated page with your music, cv, reviews (example)

No costs. You have zero production and distribution costs

+ 50%. You earn half the buying price of your albums

No damages. If we are not able to sell your albums, you never lose money, in any case

Good publicity! You earn a lot of free advertising on newspapers, music reviews, festivals...

Your ad. You can publicise your music (to boost sales) wherever you wish

Cheap but perfect. You can produce excellent recordings with us at cost price

A new way. You enter to become part of a new musical philosophy


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