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About OnClassical

VIII/2008. publishes OnClassical. Download: PDF, 91 kb

III/2008. Very cool! . kunstderfuge quoted at the official Creative Commons.

XI/2007. OnClassical Featured Commoner for the official Creative Commons!

XI/2007. OnClassical at RotoClassica (Radio Popolare, FM frq. 107.60) -> Simonetto's blog

X/2007. OnClassical at the Festival della Creatività in Florence. Article on my blog .

X/2007. Alessandro Simonetto's conference at the Festival della Creatività. Download: PNG, 49 kb

X/2007. Simonetto regala musica at Il Giornale di Vicenza. Download: PDF, 1.9 mb -> Simonetto's blog

IX/2007. OnClassical at Creative Commons Japan . Download: PNG, 242 kb.

VIII/2007. OnClassical relaunches on Open Culture ! Download: GIF, 27 kb

VIII/2007. Musica Classica: Ascolta in rete on biblio-net. Download: PDF, 54 kb

VIII/2007. OnClassical on mrkai.wordpress. Download: PNG, 69 kb

VIII/2007. What's up at the Commons on stingyscholar. Download: PNG, 69 kb

VIII/2007. OnClassical relaunches on ! Download: PNG, 69 kb or PDF, 60 kb

VII/2007. OnClassical. On Download: JPG, 147 kb

VI/2007. OnClassical quoted at Il Tempo about Giovanni Velluti. Download: GIF, 120 kb

IX/2006. OnClassical on ! Download: PDF, 129 kb

IX/2005. Alessandro Simonetto. By Enzo Fantin, on Musica e Scuola. Read. Download: PDF, 525 kb

VI/2005. mette in vendita la musica su web. By Redazione, su Suonare News. Read. Download: GIF, 164 kb

V-VI/2005. OnClassical. Un logo per giovani musicisti. By Alberto Sanna, on librando. Read. Download: GIF, 161 kb or PDF, 78 kb

III/2005. Un progetto che avrà senza dubbio un grande successo. By E. F., on Provincia Granda. Read. Download: GIF, 141 kb


To Alessandro Simonetto

III/2007. Appreciation to Alessandro Simonetto. By Alfred Zellinger (Director of Bösendorfer piano firma). Download: PDF, 28 kb

IX/2005. Alessandro Simonetto. By Enzo Fantin, on Musica e Scuola. Read. Download: PDF, 525 kb

IX/1999. Souvenir with Eric James. By Alessandro Simonetto (Music Associate of the late sir Charles Chaplin). Read.


Other articles

III/2007. Classica Land on Music & Vision Music & Vision about Download: PDF, 26 kb

VI/2006. Piano Rolls Made by Golden Age... (about On . Download: PDF, 176 kb

VI/2006. Kunst der Fuge / OnClassical on Music & Vision about piano rolls. Download: PDF, 26 kb


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