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[Alessandro Simonetto] is a tremendous natural talent! (Eric James, music associate of Sir Charles S. Chaplin).

Alessandro Simonetto (b. 1974) is musician, producer and sound engineer.

Studies of Pianoforte (graduated) under the guide of G. Di Toma at the 'Steffani' Conservatory in Castelfranco Veneto; Electronic Composition (graduated) with P. Zavagna and N. Bernardini at the 'Pollini' Conservatory in Padova; and Harpsichord with C. Lombardino at the above conservatories.

He deepened aspects tied to jazz composition and silent-film music studying with C. Mc Bee and G. Dial in Italy at the summer courses. He was friend and maintained an active and productive corrispondance with Eric James, the associate composer of Sir Charles Chaplin, until his death. In 2000, a few minutes before his performance, James put a paper on the grand piano and wrote this sentence in front of him and the audience: "Alessandro is a pianist of immense talent and will surely make his mark on the musical profession [...]".

Photo by Federica Vettori.

Alessandro started composing at a very early age. At only 14 y.o. he wrote a cycle of Mazurkas inspired to Chopin. He composed music for piano, organ, harpsichord, disklavier, computers; chamber music and choral music (masses, motets, arrangements), songs. He was quoted by the 'Ecole supérieure d'art d'Aix-en-Provence' for a composition for disklavier, pre-recorded sounds and accordion; he has also a work of countemporary music inside the Mediateca delle Marche archive.

Always passionate about choral music direction he studied with Mazuccato G., A. Cetrangolo, G. Acciai, C. Hoegset on various courses, and directed over 250 concerts with male, folk choirs (Coro Bassano a.k.a. Coro Montegrappa). He is the custodian of the omnia works, even in manuscript, by the Venetian composer, Marco Crestani.

As an harpsichordist he recorded the Premiere of the 'Suittes voor Clavicembel' (Suites Op. 1) from 'Exempla Music Neerlandica' by the Dutch baroque composer Pieter Bustijn. The recording has been released by Brilliant Classics in 2010 (OC55B, BC94187). It has been recognized as 'Bargain of the Month' by Music Web International reviewer Bizantyon who wrote: Nearly eighty minutes of enormously appealing, high-octane invention superbly rendered by Alessandro Simonetto. [...] This superlative recording is the one to get".

As a fan and scholar of the renowned duo Laurel & Hardy, he has recently recorded in its world premiere "Leroy Shield: Laurel & Hardy's Original Piano Music" with the collaboration of the main scholar in this field, Piet Schreuders (ÆVEA, AE16024).

Simonetto has also recently recorded, for the ÆVEA label (AE16019), the Early and Esoteric Works by Erik Satie, the complete piano compositions, written in the period 1887-1897 including the rarely listened poems in three acts "Le Fils des étoiles" and "Uspud", and also including some unedited and uncompleted sketches.

Coming to the harpsichord, he has just signed with Brilliant Classics for the complete recording of works by Johann Mattheson in 2 CDs.

He is often invited to be part of the jury in International Competitions.


The websites.

As a database and music lover together, Alessandro founded (since 2002), a large collection of classical music online, that contains 20,000 files including piano rolls of historical pianists as well as live performances fixed on MIDI support. Some of the files have also been automatically obtained thanks to a special software, Director Musices, improved with special rules; the work achieved Alessandro a scholarship at KTH University of Stockholm, TMH music section.

At the same time he started an online collection of classical music in MP3, representing some of the more interesting young musicians from Italy and abroad. A few time later this collection evolved in a real record label, OnClassical, first example of author'-societies-free label according to the principles of Creative Commons.

Beside, in 2004, Alessandro also launched, a collection of old sheet music books, out of copyright, he bought all around Europe. The site become affiliated to the major Kunst der Fuge but was stopped uploading after some months due to the born of In the meantime reached the 6,000 unique visitors/day!

In 2005 OnClassical started a new catalogue with only self-produced recordings. It then appeared in major Italian newspapers, radios, music magazines, blogs and exhibitions always as a non-paying guest. Alessandro's recordings, thanks to external licenses gave to physical labels, achieved honors by the worldwide magazines and specialized blogs, including Fanfare, Diapason Mag, Scherzo, Musica, The Guardian, Fono, BBC Magazine,, TNT Audio...


You may contact Alessandro here.



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