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Chopin, Complete Piano Works, I
Le Tombeau de Monsieur Blancrocher
Stenka Rasin and other songs
Bach, Partitas, I
Saint Saens, Complete Piano Quartets
Satie, Gymnopédies and other works
The Early Ragtime


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OnClassical features extraordinary artists in their most natural sound.
New recordings are available in HD Studio Masters @88.2/24 flac (old: @44.1/16 flac).
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OnClassical is surely one of the best gifts the internet has given to audiophile. - Nick Whetstone, TNT Audio, I/2009



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There's no question that Stella has the proper Buxtehude style, which is to play with irregular meter and with the parts of both hands slightly out-of-synch much of the time, which creates a weird tension[...]. - Fanfare




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