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: Archive : Announcements (Invert order)
This is the list of all contributions published in this section, in chronological order.

By @les (on 01/03/2012 @ 09:47:09, in Announcements)

Yes, you may now find our prods of Bustijn and Buxtehude (harpsichord works) on physical support thanks to the international label Brilliant Classics.

They are well known worldwide for applying very low prices on very good musical products. Their vast catalogue (see now Buxtehude) is massively distributed everywhere in shops and internet, both on CD and as "liquid". Now the choice of whether to download the album here or buy it from them is only yours!

We are proud that such an important label has decided to publish our recordings and hopefully this is a good indicator for you to trust our efforts.

By @les (on 13/04/2011 @ 09:37:59, in Announcements)

Starting April 2011 all productions signed OnClassical will be distributed in more than an hundred online stores like iTunes, Amazon, Virgin, real,, emusic, Mondadori, fnacmusic, musicload, MediaMarkt, 7digital,, vodafone, AOL, Spiral Frog, InProdicon, beatport, MTunes, Telefonica, Cellfish, Nokia, Deejay store, DR, musicnet, musicmatch, mobiVillage, Napster, Telecom, Rhapsody and many other.

This will be possibile thanks to the partnership signed with one of the largest distributors worldwide.

By benny (on 22/02/2010 @ 18:57:41, in Announcements)

We are happy to publish a new album by great guitarist Pablo Lentini Riva, accompanied this time by the splendid soprano voice of Laura Catrani.

This first album is a re-edition of a previous album: Le Tombeau De Mousieur Blancrocher. This new version, more ample, contains new tracks devoted to French lutenist Charles Fleury de Blancrocher (c.1605–1652), including the only composition we know of this composer: the Allemande, L’Offrande. The other new tracks are of music by Robert De Visée (Suite No. 9 in d minor and La Plainte, Tombeau des Mesdemoiselles de Visée); the last new piece is the Courante Dixiesme by renaissance composer Robert Ballard.

This renovated album is an exhaustive collection of Tombeau's dedicated to Mr. Blancrocher: an amateur musician well known by the best composers of his time: Couperin, Froberger, Gaultier and many others. So don't miss it!

Also don't forget to download the new cover!

The second album, Las Flores No Valen Nada, contains masterpieces by some of the greatest Spanish composers, and includes songs for soprano and guitar by Federico Garcia Lorca: very rare pieces of music written by a very well known poet and dramatist! Many of the tracks are played by Lentini Riva on an antique guitar which was built in Madrid by Santos-Hernandez in 1925. The sound and phrasing of this interpreter are extremely refined and richly expressive, perfectly echoing the poetry of these wonderful works


The title of the album is taken from the words of a beautiful love song called "Zorongo" (tr. 11).

La luna es un pozo chico
La luna es un pozo chico
las flores no valen nada;
lo que valen son tus brazos
cuando de noche me abrazas.

The moon is a tiny well,
the flowers are worthless;
the only things that matter are your arms
when they embrace me at night.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy listening to these splendid albums. And don't forget that by purchasing the albums you help our musicians directly, since they earn 50%!


OnClassical, in the person of its founder, Alessandro Simonetto, has been invited to attend the 1st International Piano Competition Guido Alberto Fano of Camposampiero (Padova). Mr. Simonetto will be part of the jury as a representative of the world of music recordings, along with well-known personalities from the music field, such as Valentina Lo Surdo (RadioTre) and pianists Riccardo Zadra, Rodolfo Alessandrini and Mattia Ometto. President of the Jury is renowned pianist, Leslie Howard, and the only one ever to enter the Guinness World of Records for having recorded the complete works of Franz Liszt.

Prizes for a total of c. 10,000 euros (including a concert at the Gran Teatro La Fenice) and a disc for the OnClassical label.

The Honorary Committee is chaired by renowned pianist Earl Wild, Michael Roland Davis (Ivory Classics Foundation) and the Fano Foundation, each of whom will offer special awards for the interpretation of original compositions.

More details at: (Guido Alberto Fano, International Piano Competition, official website)

By benny (on 27/08/2009 @ 11:05:41, in Announcements)

Leggi in italiano.

In association with Teatro Montegrappa and based on an idea by the founder, Alessandro Simonetto, we proudly announce the First OnClassical Gala entirely focused on our new featured pianists.

Date: Sunday, 15 November 2009
Time: 16:15
Location: Cinema/Teatro Montegrappa
Street: 36027 Rosà, Via Capitano Alessio 7
Town/City: Very close to Bassano del Grappa, Italy

16.15 - Concert Gala with the latest featured OnClassical performers Alessandro Deljavan, Maddalena Falda, Mattia Ometto and Jacopo Salvatori.

18.00 - Projection of the film-documentary Rubinstein à Venice François Reichenbach (1978), in lingua originale con sottotitoli in italiano - 50'

The gala is an OnClassical & Teatro Montegrappa production.

Your RSVP at OnClassical's facebook.

By benny (on 18/02/2009 @ 18:28:57, in Announcements)

A few months ago Jamendo, the most important circuit of free music, came to an agreement with OnClassical for a special convention regarding our classical music. Under this agreement OnClassical provides them with 80% of classical music (which Jamendo currently does not cover) to be used as a commercial radio for classical music.

From Jamendo's pages, however, you can not download the album but only hear via streaming at a quality slightly superior to the host on (96 kbps / cbt). This and other exceptions are made to OnClassical to host the classical music from our internet corner.

The agreement signed in Faenza (Bologna) last November allows our musicians to profit through the sale of commercial radios that will serve as background music for stores, restaurants, etc., and for the creation of music for film, video, etc.

And remember that the same thing (licensing of music for purposes other than personal use) is now possible directly from our site too. The partnership with Jamendo, a highly visited portal with more than 3 million visitors per month, is a privilege that will especially aid the circulation of our online catalogue for the benefit of our artists.

From the left: Alessandro Simonetto (Founder of OnClassical), Veronika Körmendi (Marketing and artist support, Jamendo), Pierre-Yves Lanneau-Saint-Leger (Head of Marketing and Communication, Jamendo) at dinner after a (long!) day spent at the exhibition center of Faenza.

By @les (on 14/02/2009 @ 15:46:16, in Announcements)

Today, two years ago, we launched this new version of OnClassical with a new philosophy, and still today it is the only one on the worldwide net! As a matter of fact is still the only e-label for self-produced classical music and the only e-label for audiophiles!

In these two years, though, not much has changed and several difficulties and reasons for discouragement still persist; all the same, a lot of things have happened and a growing reputation has spread both on and off the web. Just think of the recent interview to the largest national newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, but also our participation at the Festival della Creatività  / QuiFree next to important and even free realities such as Wikimedia and Ubuntu, or the recent partnership with Jamendo (of which you will read very soon).

(cc) Simonetto / OnClassical

It also saw the beginning of the sale of our repertoire for commercial uses such as background music for films.

This period has also seen the initiative to sponsor ten new recordings of young emerging artists, all tested by international awards, and all absolutely prestigious (but soon this news will appear on the blog and entire previews given on the site for the new releases).

And to crown these two years of life could not have missed today's long interview granted to the prestigious magazine for audiophiles, TNT-Audio, edited by Lucio Cadeddu!

For the time being, this is our news. Stimulation and encouragement comes from meetings by with amateurs and professionals of sound and musicians who have convinced us to proceed. And so to the future! Thanks to you all!

By @les (on 30/12/2008 @ 11:22:43, in Announcements)

The complete packaging of the 1st OnClassical collection, including booklet, inlay card and cd-label, is now available here in high quality.

You may, of course, use it for free. Enjoy!

By @les (on 06/12/2008 @ 13:32:57, in Announcements)

We are pleased to announce that OnClassical has received funds to be able to finance up to ten new recordings. Our announcement was launched to Italians young pianists (no more than 30 yo.) via facebook and via email, and we have so far received many very interesting proposals. We will have details on it very soon!

By @les (on 21/09/2008 @ 15:58:50, in Announcements)

The new OnClassical recording studio is located at our new home in the quite and ventilated town of Pove del Grappa, two-steps away from Bassano (Vicenza, N.E. Italy) at the foot of mount Grappa.

Our new home (rear)

Unlike other studios, which are often dry and expressionless, this studio (with a main room of c. 25 m2 * 3) has been designed by me with a system of outer empty rooms that amplify the sound and color it as a natural sound board. A simple system of mobile tents also diversifies the answer in reverb.

Our new harpsichord built on famous 1638 Ruckers model.

In addition to hi-fi for playback (with Dynaudio and Triangle speakers), I make available to performers two music instruments: a Bluethner grand piano (1952) and a new two-keyboard harpsichord, a Flemish model built above Ruckers (Antwerp, 1638) by William Horn.

The study was designed to serve as a music hall and, at the same time, to record especially solo harpsichord and chamber music.

By @les (on 13/10/2007 @ 15:46:19, in Announcements)

Finally, we have just completed the booklet for the cd demo. I'm here pasting the entire text that will be printed inside the booklet. The text has been written by "four hands": Gianluca Luisi and me (for the part: History of the label). It represents, with some clarity I hope, the fundamental points of the OnClassical philosophy.

An online label for audiophiles
OnClassical offers recordings of highest quality guaranteed by the combination of experience in acoustic technology and of musical artistry. Each detail regarding the singling out of artists, locations and musical instruments and the choice of placement of the recording equipment is studied carefully, and nothing is left to chance. The recordings which we obtain with quasi maniacal care, allow one not only to discern the exact nature of a given musical instrument, but also the finest details of its mechanical parts; the very low as well as the most rapid sonorities, and those ambient corners which tend to amplify certain frequencies and ennoble the colour of the final audio. The acquisition of the sound and its successive mixing is not the result of a casual or imaginary placement of the listener, but is reproduced as one would hear it if he were in the middle of a musical ensemble, or standing in place of the musician in the case of a solo performance. Furthermore, the recordings exploit the maximum extension and the exact instrumental sound depth. This means that given the artist, the accompaniment, and the repertoire, a decision is made to make use of the most suitable environment, instruments and equipment. For OnClassical it is important to create a good rapport between technician and musician. This practice, combined with the artistic sensibility of OnClassical make recording friendly and relaxed. Extraordinary results can be achieved when, together, the artist and the sound technician create the right blend of music and emotions. The important work of selection which we have spoken of here culminates in an absolute naturalness in recordings that gives the listener the sense of being present at the performance; with the extra bonus of being able to capture those nuances which would otherwise go unnoticed even for the most attentive ear. Thus, in a sense, one is able to participate each time at a unique and unrepeatable event, more like a live performance than a recording.

History of the label
OnClassical began in 2003 as the first Italian independent label for the distribution of classical music on the internet. It was also one of the world's pioneers in the utilization of the then new Creative Commons licence. OnClassical believes in the accuracy of the microphone take and the naturalness of the resulting sound achieved without any kind of manipulation. The decision on the ultimate sound quality is always made before the recording begins, and never afterwards. This philosophy of OnClassical is carried into the realization of all the various production phases: starting from the choice of musicians, the recording venue, the instruments and equipment, and deciding where these will be positioned. It also includes the phases of recording, mixing, and mastering, and the publication and distribution of the musical product on internet within a frame of absolute prestige. Amongst the first artists to believe in our project are some first-award-winners of major international competitions, such as Gianluca Luisi (Bach at Saarbr�cken), Roberto Plano (Cleveland and Van Cliburn), Maurizio Baglini, Aleksandra Mikulska (Chopin at Warsaw), and Luca Fanfoni (Paganini); just to mention a few. The careful selection of recordings included in our latest version of the site has enhanced even more and turned it into a nook for audiophiles; the only one of its kind for its quality in recording and performances.

Gianluca Luisi & Alessandro Simonetto

The cd will be entirely covered by the Creative Commons license type BY-SA-NC, 3.0 (

By Admin (on 31/05/2007 @ 17:41:34, in Announcements)

We are excited to announce our (third…) blog! It will include items from Kunst der Fuge, OnClassical and websites, plus some other news concerning our activities, trips and efforts, and, maybe, some amusing experiences we [sometimes] live and a few curiosities. We will publish the news without any particular order: mainly we’ll just use the blog to relax ourself, and possibly to give you a chance to be more informed about the web updatings, the subscription, and to permite you to express yourself with your thoughts (or your flames) about the websites.

The new blog is online thanks to dBlog, an easy-to-use and highly featured open source ASP software.

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