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This is the list of all contributions published on this web site, in chronological order.

Starting last month we lengthened the period of time to download your purchased music from 10 days to 99 days. So all music purchased even 3 months ago may be redownloaded at:

We also implemented a function to download with no cookies activated or cookies deleted. On the page you will find a box and some easy instructions to follow...


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By @les (on 23/07/2008 @ 15:51:31, in Artists)

"Many tiny stories. Played in Vicenza night, merged in the acustic perfection of the Olimpico, played by the “ballad-singer” Marco Tezza, focused on his dreamy effort.

There is nothing more recognizable than the popular soul. And this is Romantic Germany, nowhere to be found, lost. Marco Tezza, the story-teller, has played "Ein Choral", with suspended hands, wrapped up in velvet. And he was upright, nearly far from the keyboard, being a pianist who usually seems to penetrate with his entire body the wires, the hammers and the felts of that prodigy called piano."

Bepi de Marzi (translated text from "Il Giornale di Vicenza")

To see also: Marco Tezza at the Olimpic Theatre in Vicenza.

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By @les (on 23/07/2008 @ 17:38:19, in Arrivals!)

Two new albums and others will be coming very soon at The first one is a quasi-unique performance of the String Quintets by Brahms op. 88 & 111. The chamber music written by Brahms includes only two string quintets and here they are being proposed by the Sandro Materassi ensemble: a very energic group that includes some of the most notable and virtuoso musicians of Italy, such as Alberto Bologni (violin), Danilo Rossi (viola) and Mauro Valli (cello), and also Grazia Serradimigni (II violin) and Olga Arzilli (II viola). The captured sound on this CD is also excellent and reminds one of the real ambient of an old Cascina in the Piacenza region.

The second album is for Franz Liszt as played by the Italo-American excellent poetical pianist Roberto Poli. Liszt composed the second part of his "Années de Pèlerinage" between 1837 and 1849 on his trip to Italy when he came to know our artistic wonders (Raffaello, Michelangelo) and the poems by Dante and Petrarca. So which music and performance could be more inspired than this?


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By @les (on 21/09/2008 @ 15:58:50, in Announcements)

The new OnClassical recording studio is located at our new home in the quite and ventilated town of Pove del Grappa, two-steps away from Bassano (Vicenza, N.E. Italy) at the foot of mount Grappa.

Our new home (rear)

Unlike other studios, which are often dry and expressionless, this studio (with a main room of c. 25 m2 * 3) has been designed by me with a system of outer empty rooms that amplify the sound and color it as a natural sound board. A simple system of mobile tents also diversifies the answer in reverb.

Our new harpsichord built on famous 1638 Ruckers model.

In addition to hi-fi for playback (with Dynaudio and Triangle speakers), I make available to performers two music instruments: a Bluethner grand piano (1952) and a new two-keyboard harpsichord, a Flemish model built above Ruckers (Antwerp, 1638) by William Horn.

The study was designed to serve as a music hall and, at the same time, to record especially solo harpsichord and chamber music.

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By @les (on 25/10/2008 @ 17:10:35, in Arrivals!)

A new wonderful and very clear album is now available on Sándor Szabó & Kevin Kastning - Resonance.

Resonance, Kevin’s 2007 release with guitarist Sandor Szabo, was voted as one of the Top 10 Albums of 2007 by The Perfect Sound magazine. In October 2004, Kevin was voted Artist of the Month by the 13th Fret, the world’s largest acoustic guitar forum. In November 2007, Yankee Magazine stated, Kastning is a pioneer in modern acoustic guitar composition.

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By @les (on 11/11/2008 @ 16:56:26, in Conferences & Exhibits)

Next 29-30 of November OnClassical will be present at the Meeting of Independent Labels 2008 / AudioCoop. "The OnClassical collection": the CD's collecting our best recordings for each instrument, will be available at no charge (free offer).

We posted an event on our new facebook: here.

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By benny (on 04/12/2008 @ 18:23:36, in Interviews)

The American music web magazine has just released an interview to Alessandro Simonetto, founder of OnClassical. The interview, conducted by Matthias Roeder, focuses on issues related to the advantages of publishing on and the future music online. Your recording label OnClassical distributes its recordings solely via the internet. The music can be downloaded in .wav format without any copy protection (DRM-free). What brought you to this unusual business model?

Alessandro Simonetto: I have always thought that trust in the buyer is a great way to get respect from them. In this sense the philosophy of Creative Commons was a pleasant discovery and confirmation, so that control no longer depends on such entities as the royalty societies and other authorities, but on the artists themselves. With respect to OnClassical, it also means replacing the interest of the many (very often these are small record labels, agents, or producers) with the interest of the individual, because the interests of the many limits the artist in every way. So, in the end, it is the artist who benefits the most.

You may read the whole piece here.

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By @les (on 06/12/2008 @ 13:32:57, in Announcements)

We are pleased to announce that OnClassical has received funds to be able to finance up to ten new recordings. Our announcement was launched to Italians young pianists (no more than 30 yo.) via facebook and via email, and we have so far received many very interesting proposals. We will have details on it very soon!

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By @les (on 30/12/2008 @ 11:22:43, in Announcements)

The complete packaging of the 1st OnClassical collection, including booklet, inlay card and cd-label, is now available here in high quality.

You may, of course, use it for free. Enjoy!

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By @les (on 31/12/2008 @ 09:14:49, in Arrivals!)

We are proud to introduce to you pianist, Antonio Palareti through his only available recording: The Art of Fugue. This version of the masterwork by Johann Sebastian Bach is the posthumous one published in 1751, and it consists of 14 fugues (the last of them unfinished) and 4 2-voice canons.

During a significant period, Antonio Palareti travelled within Italy and abroad, often accompanied by music critic and historian Piero Buscaroli (who has written for Mondadori the colossal biography dedicated to J.S. Bach), playing the Art by memory and creating dynamic energy and attention amongst all types of audiences.

This recording, made on a brand new Steinway & Son's 9-foot piano, is now available on in two different albums (for a total of about 90 minutes): first and second album.

Album playlists:

#1 Play it Details (Contrapunctus I-XI)
#2 Play it Details (Contrapunctus XII-XIV + 4 2-voice Canons)

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By benny (on 18/01/2009 @ 16:23:11, in Interviews)

Dear friend, just a quick note to underline a few important articles and interviews about our which have very recently appeared on the net.

Firstly, the prestigious online review for audiophiles, TNT-Audio - very well known online to be a promoter of Real Stereo concept - have just published a little article about us. I'm here reporting a brief enthusiastic extract:

I'll be keeping my eye on the OnClassical site as I seek to expand my classical music collection and suggest that you do the same. If you are not yet really into classical music, why not allow OnClassical to help you discover what is one of the great delights of being an audiophile? They've already got a great selection and I'm sure that their method of promoting lesser known artists will attract many more. This is surely one of the best gifts that the Internet has given the audiophile since a certain hi-fi magazine was started some years ago!

The article points out some good advantages of buying music online (the full version here).

In the same review, a separated interview, was given to TNT-Audio founder, Lucio Cadeddu [IT] some days ago, and I think it will be published very soon there (take a look of the site to grab it): very interesting questions there.

Another one is also the one published on the Italian Podcast - the first really to be dedicated to classical music here in Italy):

And last but not least, a final recent article is appeared at pettinix, the online Italian blog concerning all that is free (Linux, OS, Creative Commons). Is OnClassical free too? Well yes, our philosophy is! :)

So a very fortunate 2009 is to unfold!

Very soon other important news!

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I'm very glad to report here the very recent interview asked of me by Alice Bertolini for Corriere del Veneto, an insert in the most famous Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Hopefully I'll translate it very soon and put it here online.

Another step towards success has been attained by our even more appreciated e-label, thanks to the interview, for, that sparked Corriere's interest in us.

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By @les (on 14/02/2009 @ 15:46:16, in Announcements)

Today, two years ago, we launched this new version of OnClassical with a new philosophy, and still today it is the only one on the worldwide net! As a matter of fact is still the only e-label for self-produced classical music and the only e-label for audiophiles!

In these two years, though, not much has changed and several difficulties and reasons for discouragement still persist; all the same, a lot of things have happened and a growing reputation has spread both on and off the web. Just think of the recent interview to the largest national newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, but also our participation at the Festival della Creatività  / QuiFree next to important and even free realities such as Wikimedia and Ubuntu, or the recent partnership with Jamendo (of which you will read very soon).

(cc) Simonetto / OnClassical

It also saw the beginning of the sale of our repertoire for commercial uses such as background music for films.

This period has also seen the initiative to sponsor ten new recordings of young emerging artists, all tested by international awards, and all absolutely prestigious (but soon this news will appear on the blog and entire previews given on the site for the new releases).

And to crown these two years of life could not have missed today's long interview granted to the prestigious magazine for audiophiles, TNT-Audio, edited by Lucio Cadeddu!

For the time being, this is our news. Stimulation and encouragement comes from meetings by with amateurs and professionals of sound and musicians who have convinced us to proceed. And so to the future! Thanks to you all!

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By benny (on 18/02/2009 @ 18:28:57, in Announcements)

A few months ago Jamendo, the most important circuit of free music, came to an agreement with OnClassical for a special convention regarding our classical music. Under this agreement OnClassical provides them with 80% of classical music (which Jamendo currently does not cover) to be used as a commercial radio for classical music.

From Jamendo's pages, however, you can not download the album but only hear via streaming at a quality slightly superior to the host on (96 kbps / cbt). This and other exceptions are made to OnClassical to host the classical music from our internet corner.

The agreement signed in Faenza (Bologna) last November allows our musicians to profit through the sale of commercial radios that will serve as background music for stores, restaurants, etc., and for the creation of music for film, video, etc.

And remember that the same thing (licensing of music for purposes other than personal use) is now possible directly from our site too. The partnership with Jamendo, a highly visited portal with more than 3 million visitors per month, is a privilege that will especially aid the circulation of our online catalogue for the benefit of our artists.

From the left: Alessandro Simonetto (Founder of OnClassical), Veronika Körmendi (Marketing and artist support, Jamendo), Pierre-Yves Lanneau-Saint-Leger (Head of Marketing and Communication, Jamendo) at dinner after a (long!) day spent at the exhibition center of Faenza.

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By benny (on 23/02/2009 @ 10:14:40, in Recordings)

Starting tomorrow, 24th February, the first in a series of recordings for 2009 of recently discovered Italian young talents will begin, and in good time will be launched at They are all musicians with international experience and recipients of important awards.

The selection was made after consideration of a very large number of proposals that we received during the months of December and January. About ten new recordings have been programmed (at least for the moment), but others are waiting to be confirmed.

Programs soon to be recorded regard works for piano by Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and Satie; and for harpsichord by Handel (amongst others); some chamber music and more.

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By @les (on 18/03/2009 @ 11:40:13, in Licensing)

Our beginning with our new licensing program has been so very successful: we are already receiving the many requests for music on DVDs and micro-film promotions.

So far, our greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that we have been requested by the Canadian Phi Group Inc., to use Gianluca Luisi's piano performance of Mozart's Sonata in D Major as soundtrack for the film Turbid. This is the first feature directed by George Fok. Turbid, was recently officially selected for the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal - says Marie-France Barbier, Creative Team Coordinator of Phi Group Inc. (see the official site). We are very pleased to have this request and to supply Gianluca Luisi's fine performance to them.

Some shots taken from the film Turbid.

The producers seem to understand the benefits of this new type of licensing: no longer royalties and dispersing practices, only one organization to contact for your needs, a price which is pre-cleared and a signature, all completed to the finish for you.

We sincerely hope that all of our products will be most successful and we stand behind our approach to the production of quality recordings of fine Classical musical performances.

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Conceived with the purpose of offering Astor Piazzolla's tangos by playing those instruments which are its vital core, the TrisTango has shown an ability of combining both a faithful and a creative interpretation of the original music. The trio - now a quartet! - has remained far from numberless interpretations which only emphasize the melodic aspect of Piazzolla's music. It has gone where the young Piazzolla in the fifties got inspiration for his new music, that is contemporary classical music - and, most of all, jazz - but it has expanded its performances by absorbing the evocative sounds of new contaminations, such as ethnic music and has given wide space to improvisations. The result is an overwhelming emotional strenght which pours out from the musicians on to the audience.

Its eclecticism allows the TrisTango to perform both in classical music seasons and jazz festivals, and furthermore it is really interesting with orchestra accompaniment.

The sound (captured with 6 Neumann mics.) and the executive production are rigorously signed by Alessandro Simonetto, founder of; post-production and mastering are made by Daniele Roccato using a natural convolution.

Here it is the interview (Italian with English subtitles) about the new release of OnClassical: 'round Piazzolla signed by TrisTango: Daniele Roccato (doublebass), Marco Tezza (piano), Massimiliano Pitocco (bandoneon) and Saverio Tasca (vibraphone and percussion).

The (real) compact disc can be purchased (see contact info) at a price of 15 euros (including expenses).

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By @les (on 01/04/2009 @ 22:00:15, in Implementations)

We have just started a work of transference of our files to Amazon Web Services. In terms of navigating the site anything won't change while there will be significant improvements in download files in high quality (.wav): the downloading of files is certainly faster and more stable.

In a few days the transaction will be completed and the results comparable with the current system.

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Alessandro Simonetto has been invited to the Round Table of the First Festival of Digital Freedom, to be held in Vicenza. The 20-day long event will promote the culture of sharing information.

There will be present, among others, representatives of UnaRete, Copyleft Italia, Liber Liber, Wikipedia Italia. The conference will be entitled: The reform of copyright in new media era. Simonetto’s topic is entitled: OnClassical. Producing quality music and leaving it free?

The appointment is for May 22 from 3 to 7 pm at the Concert Hall of the "Arrigo Pedrollo" Conservatory of in Vicenza.

For the full program of events of the First Festival of Digital Freedom go to the official website.

Alessandro Simonetto è stato invitato alla Tavola Rotonda del Primo Festival delle Libertà Digitali che si terrà a Vicenza nei prossimi giorni: 20 giorni di eventi per promuovere la cultura della condivisione delle informazioni.

Saranno presenti, fra gli altri, esponenti di UnaRete, Copyleft Italia, Liber Liber e Wikipedia Italia. Il convegno avrà per titolo La riforma del diritto d'autore nell'era dei nuovi media. OnClassical. Produrre musica di qualità e lasciarla libera? ecco il titolo dell'intervento di Simonetto.

Appuntamento per il 22 maggio dalle ore presso il 15 alle 19 presso la Sala concerti del Conservatorio "Arrigo Pedrollo" di Vicenza.

Il programma completo degli eventi del Primo Festival delle Libertà Digitali è visionabile dal sito ufficiale.

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By @les (on 30/05/2009 @ 16:35:16, in Implementations)

Due to various requests we have just implemented the payment method with PayPal. Purchases will be easy, fast and secure as before: from the page of payment (ex. you can now choose between the options: BankPass and PayPal.

Good listening!

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