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: Archive (Invert order)
This is the list of all contributions published on this web site, in chronological order.

By Admin (on 31/05/2007 @ 17:41:34, in Announcements)

We are excited to announce our (third…) blog! It will include items from Kunst der Fuge, OnClassical and websites, plus some other news concerning our activities, trips and efforts, and, maybe, some amusing experiences we [sometimes] live and a few curiosities. We will publish the news without any particular order: mainly we’ll just use the blog to relax ourself, and possibly to give you a chance to be more informed about the web updatings, the subscription, and to permite you to express yourself with your thoughts (or your flames) about the websites.

The new blog is online thanks to dBlog, an easy-to-use and highly featured open source ASP software.

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Last 2-7th July I was at the TMH, music institute at the KTH of Stockholm, to present my theory about automatic performance (.ppt/zipped).

I also had some time to explore Stockholm with Benedetta and to enjoy some relaxing walks and bicycle rides.

Benedetta in front of the map!

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Starting September all our PDF files of sheet music books are now free!

ClassicaLAND - Sheet music books in PDF format

Please note that you may now download 2 .pdf files for free, although we encourage you to subscribe to have access to all our files with no download-limits.

As subscriber you may also download all .zip files which contain complete books in high definition (400 dpi).

Thanks to the association, together with, the subscription hereby offered becomes a powerful vehicle of culture at cost price (this means that you may have a sheet music page for less than 0.0025 euro cents!!!). There are no other websites (even free) on the internet that offer sheet music with this same quality!

Read more:

We have recently added over 3,000 new pages of important music:

Debussy: Preludes
Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin
Mussorgsky: Lieder fur Eine Singstimme und Klavier
Franck: Piano Compositions by Cesar Franck
Couperin: Pieces de Clavecin - II
Couperin: Pieces de Clavecin - I
Chopin: Sonates
Chopin: Preludes & Rondos
Chopin: Polonaisen
Chopin: Mazurkas
Brahms: Kleinere Klavierwerke
Bach, J.S.: English Suites
Karg-Elert: Seven Chorale Improvisations
Schumann: Sonate
Mozart: Violin Sonatas (complete)
Mendelssohn: Werke
Miscellaneous: Zivot Lidu v Pisni (green)
Miscellaneous: Zivot Lidu v Pisni (cyan)
Miscellaneous: Zivot Lidu v Pisni (yellow)
Beethoven: Violin Sonatas
Busoni: Sonatina Seconda
Schumann: Four Sketches Opus 58
Rheinberger: Sonata (no. 18)
Rheinberger: Sonata (no. 13)
Rheinberger: Sonata (no. 3)
See details at:

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By @les (on 06/10/2007 @ 07:15:12, in Videos)

Marco Tezza has just uploaded his recent video of the Olimpic Theatre concert on YouTube. In the video he plays Schumann's Aufschwung from Phantasiestücke Op. 12. This was the first encore he played after an over-2-hour long concert. OnClassical was officially invited at the event with its microphones.

We remind you that we have recorded the (double and) unedited album of the complete (including 70 pieces!) Album für die Jugend (Album for the Young) op. 68 now available at: Enjoy!

Post(p)Link CommentsComments (0) ArchiveArchive PrintPrint

I am now completing the editing for the OnClassical demo: a CD printed in 1,000 copies that will be distributed at the next Festival della Creatività. I have been invited - as founder of OnClassical - to participate as a speaker at the festival, with the QuiFree association (which shares knowledge). OnClassical is actually a partner of QuiFree and these CDs will be given as gadgets.

Following is the list of pieces the CD will contain:

1 - F.F. Chopin: Scherzo no. 2 in b flat minor, op. 31
Gianluca Luisi, piano
Recorded at Auditorium Agnelli del Politecnico (Turin, 2005)

2 - G. Verdi: Quartet from Rigoletto
Luca Fanfoni, violin
Teatro Comunale of Casalmaggiore (2005)

3 - J.J. Froberger: Tombeau de M. Blancheroche
Pablo Lentini Riva, guitar
Milano (2005)

4 - F. Geminiani: Allegro (transcription by Th. Billington)
Stefano Demicheli, harpsichord
Villa dei Laghi in La Mandria, Venarìa Reale (2005)

5 - Anonymous Mediaeval Tune: The False Young Man
Elysium, female vocal ensemble
Church of Christ the King, Frankfurt (2001)

6 - L. Thuille: Piano Sextet in B flat major, op. 6
Fiati di Parma, wind ensemble
Auditorium Costa, Sezze, Latina (2006)

7 - D. Roccato: Riflessi (2004)
Daniele Roccato, doublebass
Marco Tezza's house, Vicenza (2004)

8 - J.S.Bach: Partita in c minor, BWV 826 - Sinfonia
Gianluca Luisi, piano
Auditorium Agnelli del Politecnico (Turin, 2007)

9 - Popular folk song: Schneegestöber
Don Kosaken Chor, male folk choir (I. Borko solo)
München in 2007

I have chosen pieces that are most representative of and the best recording for each instrument. Therefore, this CD will contain pieces that are currently included in recordings found at, and other pieces which I have recorded for other (traditional) record houses.

The choice of the egg as the main image on the cover is somewhat emblematic and enigmatic at the same time: first of all its colours are those of, and besides this, I simply find it humourous; and this might be a good way - and maybe a little provocative - to represent my idea of the site and its recordings.

I am thinking of a way to make the audio material free to all (maybe via the Internet Archive). By the way: you will be happy to know that many titles of our catalogue are already present on the Internet Archive (this URL: and that you may now download part of it in OGG vorbis files. Of course all of you may upload a webpage including our free previews (MP3 files)!

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By @les (on 13/10/2007 @ 15:46:19, in Announcements)

Finally, we have just completed the booklet for the cd demo. I'm here pasting the entire text that will be printed inside the booklet. The text has been written by "four hands": Gianluca Luisi and me (for the part: History of the label). It represents, with some clarity I hope, the fundamental points of the OnClassical philosophy.

An online label for audiophiles
OnClassical offers recordings of highest quality guaranteed by the combination of experience in acoustic technology and of musical artistry. Each detail regarding the singling out of artists, locations and musical instruments and the choice of placement of the recording equipment is studied carefully, and nothing is left to chance. The recordings which we obtain with quasi maniacal care, allow one not only to discern the exact nature of a given musical instrument, but also the finest details of its mechanical parts; the very low as well as the most rapid sonorities, and those ambient corners which tend to amplify certain frequencies and ennoble the colour of the final audio. The acquisition of the sound and its successive mixing is not the result of a casual or imaginary placement of the listener, but is reproduced as one would hear it if he were in the middle of a musical ensemble, or standing in place of the musician in the case of a solo performance. Furthermore, the recordings exploit the maximum extension and the exact instrumental sound depth. This means that given the artist, the accompaniment, and the repertoire, a decision is made to make use of the most suitable environment, instruments and equipment. For OnClassical it is important to create a good rapport between technician and musician. This practice, combined with the artistic sensibility of OnClassical make recording friendly and relaxed. Extraordinary results can be achieved when, together, the artist and the sound technician create the right blend of music and emotions. The important work of selection which we have spoken of here culminates in an absolute naturalness in recordings that gives the listener the sense of being present at the performance; with the extra bonus of being able to capture those nuances which would otherwise go unnoticed even for the most attentive ear. Thus, in a sense, one is able to participate each time at a unique and unrepeatable event, more like a live performance than a recording.

History of the label
OnClassical began in 2003 as the first Italian independent label for the distribution of classical music on the internet. It was also one of the world's pioneers in the utilization of the then new Creative Commons licence. OnClassical believes in the accuracy of the microphone take and the naturalness of the resulting sound achieved without any kind of manipulation. The decision on the ultimate sound quality is always made before the recording begins, and never afterwards. This philosophy of OnClassical is carried into the realization of all the various production phases: starting from the choice of musicians, the recording venue, the instruments and equipment, and deciding where these will be positioned. It also includes the phases of recording, mixing, and mastering, and the publication and distribution of the musical product on internet within a frame of absolute prestige. Amongst the first artists to believe in our project are some first-award-winners of major international competitions, such as Gianluca Luisi (Bach at Saarbr�cken), Roberto Plano (Cleveland and Van Cliburn), Maurizio Baglini, Aleksandra Mikulska (Chopin at Warsaw), and Luca Fanfoni (Paganini); just to mention a few. The careful selection of recordings included in our latest version of the site has enhanced even more and turned it into a nook for audiophiles; the only one of its kind for its quality in recording and performances.

Gianluca Luisi & Alessandro Simonetto

The cd will be entirely covered by the Creative Commons license type BY-SA-NC, 3.0 (

Post(p)Link CommentsComments (1) ArchiveArchive PrintPrint
By @les (on 17/10/2007 @ 18:08:25, in Variæ)

Last 25/08/2007 our featured artist, Gianluca Luisi, winner of the 4th International Bach Contest of Würzburg, formerly Saarbrücken (2001), signed a contract with Naxos, the world’s leading classical music label!

Gianluca Luisi

Gianluca Luisi has recorded for us numerous times, releasing many recordings such as: Bach’s Partitas (2 CDs, 1, 2), a disc of transcriptions (unedited and still incomplete), Chopin’s 4 Scherzos + Polonaise op. 53, Mozart’s late Sonatas (2 CDs with the same recording taken from two different mics. [Neumann mics., and AKG mics.), 1 CD with Liszt’s music (unedited). !

Luisi’s recent success, which most probably began with a letter I sent to Naxos in 2005, has culminated in a contract with the international label for the recording of two CD's (one of them dedicated to Liszt) which will be released in Summer 2009.

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By @les (on 15/11/2007 @ 16:30:13, in Arrivals!)

We have just released a new virtuoso artist: Pierre Feraux is a young virtuoso pianist who studied at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. He also graduated with top marks from the Queen Elizabeth College of Music (Waterloo, Belgium).

OnClassical's new featured artist: Pierre Feraux

Pierre has received many other prizes and awards in piano competitions: he has won the Andrée Charlier Piano Competition, the National Pro Civitate Competition, the Excellentia Piano Competition, and the J. Musiciens Contest.

In the album released at he performs the Liszt Sonata in b minor - for which he received a Special Award at the Royal College of Music from which he recently graduated. He then proposes Haydn's Sonata... and the Brahms' Variations op. 24. The pathos demonstrated leaves no space for doubts or technical imprecision: Feraux is a mature artist able to expess his musical thought without a glimpse of uncertainty.

Other new release: our first album compilation.

The OnClassical compilation

This is a collection of the best recordings for each instrument already present on It's a good start to begin listening to our catalogue and quality.

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By @les (on 15/11/2007 @ 17:17:39, in Arrivals!)

Don Kosaken Chor is a male folk ensemble from the cold Russia. For more than 50 years the choir travelled throughout the world with Sergej Jaroff enjoying incredible success. At the time, the group recorded with no less than Deutsche Grammophone (I've been able to buy such an LP at an antiques market in Piazzola sul Brenta [near Padua]). This morning I found this 1930 documentary at YouTube...

Since 1991 the group is conducted by Wanja Hlibka, who at the time was one of its soloists (and in fact, all the members of the Don Kosaken Chor are amongst the greatest solosists that Russia has ever provided).

I have personally been to four of their concerts and I must admit I was extremely impressed. It was like standing before monuments, and the vibration was such that the dynamics were at the limits of tolerance (90 db), with intervals that cover extensions of over 4 and a half octaves (this is absolutely great on a sole male choir!), the organ sounds produced soft tones alternated with folkloristic effects so typical of Russia.

Don Kosaken Chor Wanja Hlibka

This post just to tell you that the only CD they ever recorded (as a dedicated recording not a live concert) will be soon available at I am simply honoured to publish this group and I hope it will be the first of a series of famous vocal groups. A big thank you goes to the manager of the Kosaken Chor, Birgit Sziele, who has followed and supported since 2003!

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By @les (on 22/11/2007 @ 15:12:44, in Videos)

A video for our enjoy!

See the show at (you may comment it, share it...).

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By @les (on 24/11/2007 @ 16:11:48, in Artists)

We have recently received a lot of new CDs of classical, jazz and other music. We thank you for thinking of us, however, please let me point out a few important things that we require before we can include music on our site.

Recordings you send should be:
1. good-quality (that means excellent quality) recordings;
2. not live recordings (as live recordings are often noisy or contain wrong notes...);
3. (preferably) recordings with coherent programming

If your recording and performance are to our interest we will then contact you and send you a free and non-exclusive agreement to sign. You will have no fees - never at any moment - to enroll at

For any queries, contact me here, but please note above all that we are searching for classical and countemporary music or jazz artists (cross over may be also evaluated).

To conclude you must not have signed any exclusive agreement with any record label or any kind of authors' society. OnClassical has no relationship with any of these.

Read also:

or, if you wish request us to see a copy of our agreement.

The address where you may send the recordings (only in .wav original format - not derived from mp3s or compressed files) is:

ONCLASSICAL by A.Simonetto
c/o Via Ca'Petofi 13
36022 Cassola, Vicenza

Many thanks!

Alessandro Simonetto

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By @les (on 24/11/2007 @ 17:34:29, in Creative Commons)

Creative Commons (also CC) provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from All Rights Reserved to Some Rights Reserved. (read more and more... about Creative Commons.

Help support CC by putting the below widget on your website, blog, or social network!

Creative Commons Corporation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation incorporated in Massachusetts and having a business address at 543 Howard Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105-3013. A copy of CC’s latest financial report is available at

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By @les (on 27/11/2007 @ 20:55:03, in Arrivals!)

In reference to the previous blog posted the 23rd November 2007 we announce that the Don Kosaken Chor Wanja Hlibka has alighted at with their only available album: The Russian world.

We are simply honoured to host this group, and we hope that you too might feel the full impact of their expressive force and the historical sense.

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By @les (on 01/12/2007 @ 08:53:19, in Interviews)

Eric Steuer and Cameron Parkins, staff of Creative Commons, has now just published the interview released for the official Creative Commons!

I would like to thank them for the opportuny given to OnClassical. I am really proud to be in such an important section that they call "The Commoners".

The interview's link:

Here a pic of the today Creative Commons home page!

OnClassical at Creative Commons - The Commoners!

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By @les (on 08/12/2007 @ 19:45:01, in Recordings)

Two different recordings of the same event!

Gianluca Luisi

The year 2005 saw the beginning of a very fruitful collaboration with Gianluca Luisi: the fruits being 5 albums which were completed at Turin on the 12th July 2007.

Keep you eyes open for the imminent release of: Partitas by Bach (2 CDs), Chopin's 4 Scherzos and a Piano Recital containing virtuoso transcriptions. Mr. Luisi recently recorded the complete Well Tempered Clavier (4 CDs) and new albums are in program under the OnClassical label.

Now you may enjoy the first CD of the Italian pianist: Mozart's Late Sonatas in (1) (2) different versions reproducing the same recording but using different microphones (AKG mics. vs Neumann mics.)!

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By @les (on 12/12/2007 @ 16:37:30, in

At we published the following article, regarding sheet music e-books at, maybe of your interest.

Why buy sheet music when we offer you the same for free?

Use your computer to begin creating an important library of music books. You can save 99% of your money to do this, and avoid the encumbrance of dusty books or new improvised editions. You can print and distribute all the copies you want, and perform the pieces in public, all without violating authors' rights, or fear of doing anything illegal.

CLASSICAland is a collection of sheet music books in digital format (e-books). The collection includes plenty of integral e-music books which you can download to your computer to use when and how you need. With CLASSICAland e-books:

  • you can have a good collection of the main classical music works (for piano)
  • you can have all the e-books of sheet music perfectly ordered on your computer
  • you can download and redownload music e-books whenever you wish from the website (no daily limits)
  • you can print only the piece you're studying so as not to waste paper and ink, or space
  • you can print as many copies as you wish of the music, give them to your scholars, friends, colleagues...
  • you can have at your disposal historical and trustworthy musical editions (not new improvised editions which often contain many errors)


  • you do not have to pay authors' rights to anyone if you desire to perform any of the pieces publicly
  • you save lots and lots of money by not buying sheet music books (read more) - and it helps to save trees
  • you are acting in a perfectly legal way according to modern day technological methods

Start now to download quality sheet music books for free in the measure of 2 files/day or subscribe for only 15 euros (no monthly or annual automatic renewal) to start downloading sheet music e-books with no time limits and help us in maintaining this important resource! Read all other many and many benefits to become member of our site!

Please also read:
how to download files and how much you'll effectively pay the collection...

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to keep on throwing away your money to buy the same books for absurd prices?

Post(p)Link CommentsComments (4) ArchiveArchive PrintPrint
By @les (on 17/12/2007 @ 09:17:16, in Variæ)

Here a (partial) list of weblogs and websites I found that talk about us. This is very impressive considering that we are pratically doing what we do since July 2007. Thank you to all!

Other important articles or posts about us may be found at: (the list is not updated yet).

Blogs talkings about us:

Blogs / Sites quoting us:,cat_view/gid,35/limit,5/limitstart,0/order,hits/dir,DESC/,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,52/func,view/id,434/catid,12/

Very interesting is what these last say:

As a response to your message inciting users to look for new alternatives I searched the web to look for legal ways to gain copyright protection and at the same time contribute to the free culture in the digital world.

In class we talked about Lessing and his book "free culture". Lawrence Lessing is also the creator of a non-profit organization called Creative Commons. Creative Commons offers really liberal copyright agreements that permits artists to license their works for free use. The artist then uses the creative commons portal as a database to post their works. The database contains movies, music, soundtracks and written articles.

At first this idea may sound a bit obscure, but sites like Wikipedia (a non-legal source) use creative commons licensing agreements for the authors that post the information. Wikipedia has become for many users an alternative for acquiring general background info (though sometimes unreliable) on a great deal of topics.

Another example of the Creative Commons agreements put to use is the online record label OnClassical. This record label share their profit shares 50/50 with their artists and, at the same time, they enjoy international recognition for the quality of its artists and performers.

I invite all of you to check out more info on the topic on the website

It's very important how they compare us to WikiPedia and Creative Commons directly!

About the Festival della Creatività:

Other at WikiPedia / en:

Other (main) websites:
... and many others ...

Web researches / online reviews:

Recent posts: (about

Post(p)Link CommentsComments (1) ArchiveArchive PrintPrint
By @les (on 10/03/2008 @ 23:29:35, in

Just a few lines about the recent article on published at You may read it at:

I like to thank Cameron (Parkins) for his precious interest.

Post(p)Link CommentsComments (0) ArchiveArchive PrintPrint
By @les (on 14/03/2008 @ 21:25:43, in Variæ)

As you may know, last January we put online a free album, the OnClassical collection, which includes our best recordings for each instrument (piano, violin, harpsichord, and choir...). Even if our full-quality catalogue (in .wav files - not the previews of course) is covered by the traditional copyright, this unique album has been totally covered by the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA here included the master-files in .wav format. This CD has also been printed in 1000 copies. You may request a copy of the CD at 8 euros (+ shipping) to us directly at:

ONCLASSICAL by A.Simonetto
c/o Via Ca'Petofi 13
36022 Cassola, Vicenza
ITALY - Europe

Ph. (00)39 339 3162931
Fax. (00)39 0424 533137

However since we have not already published the full tracks on the website we thought it would be nice to have the tracks in good mp3 quality (and .wav quality too) on some free sites and we choose Jamendo, Jamglue and On Jamendo you may download our music at a very good quality (192 kbps min.) In our humble opinion, this is a very cool site where "artists allow anyone to download and share their music". The second site - Jamglue - is more recent (born in 2006) and is intended as a point of reference for whoever wants to mix (pop and disco) music. Maybe our classical music does not fit in so well here not fit in so well here, but we thought we'd give it a go. These two sites use Creative Commons in their business plan. Finally is a web radio that "tracks what you listen to, learns what you like, gives you personal top charts and new music to discover".

For last we remind you that you may put all our previews, without further permissions, on other free websites, P2Ps, webradios, personal page... just remember to quote us and the artists with a link to their page at

Below: Francesco M. Geminiani- Allegro in F major; the file is a 192 kbps of c. 4 mbytes in size: it will takes some minutes to download.

Post(p)Link CommentsComments (2) ArchiveArchive PrintPrint
By @les (on 17/03/2008 @ 13:45:52, in Alessandro Simonetto)

Recently one MIDI file from, and... played by me, has been posted as a demo for the organ samples produced by the OrganArtMedia a German house.

This is just another success after the 2005 collaboration with the other sample house, the Milan Digital Audio.

Post(p)Link CommentsComments (1) ArchiveArchive PrintPrint
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