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'Bargain of the month' for international review MusicWeb
By @les (on 12/07/2011 @ 06:18:02, in News)

The recording of Bustijn, a world first release in a original performance by our founder Alessandro Simonetto, has been recently published at onclassical.com.


The recording attracted the immediate interest of international label Brilliant Classics who acquired the rights in co-exclusive with OnClassical. Since April 2011, in fact, the recording is also part of their catalogue.

In the meantime a first review compares at musicweb-international.com, the prestigious UK review. Musicologist Byzantion Sardegno describes the recording by Alessandro Simonetto as the one to get in spite of (non complete) recordings by Bob van Asperen (Sony Classical Vivarte 46349, 1991), and by Jacques Ogg (Globe 5101, 1993)!
He continues: "Listening to eighty minutes of solo harpsichord is not always recommendable, but many will surely find themselves unwilling to press the Stop button - either that, or time will fly past unnoticed. Only one movement of the 53 in total is three minutes long, and many come in at well under a minute - there is no time to lose interest! Instead the listener is swept along on the tide of Bustijn's imagination.

The disc has been nominated as "Bargain of the month" and also obtained the 'Classic' award from the original reviewer's website). We are very proud of it!

The disc may also be downloaded in high quality here.