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Site new version
By @les (on 10/12/2010 @ 12:27:45, in Implementations)

We have just launched a new different version of onclassical.com with some variations. The first one regards the new player (see on the pages dedicated to the album, here); this is entirely programmed in Flash, Javascript and HTML5. All recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Explorer have been tested for it, so, keep your browser up-to-date!

The previews, unlike before, are no longer 64 kbps full-track, but of 35 seconds and high quality (192 kbps MP3) to test the recording quality (which is our main goal). I hope you'll understand the reasons behind this choice: in fact, other than an economic reason, we hope that by hearing such a great sound you will then want to download the entire album. Remember that artists earn 50%, with the only exception of a couple of albums; on the purchase page it will be specified when you are donating half to the artist and when not.

Another implementation is about the art look of our site, which we have "modernized". We have always kept the site very simple so that neither you (nor us) are distracted by anything other than our recordings.

We have further expanded the database adding some useful data for better understanding how the recordings have been made. In fact, on the same table as for the player, there are two other windows: "Album Introduction" and "Info"; in the latter you will find some technical detail about the recordings, including credits and recording location and instruments used.