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Pablo Lentini Riva: New releases!
By benny (on 22/02/2010 @ 18:57:41, in Announcements)

We are happy to publish a new album by great guitarist Pablo Lentini Riva, accompanied this time by the splendid soprano voice of Laura Catrani.

This first album is a re-edition of a previous album: Le Tombeau De Mousieur Blancrocher. This new version, more ample, contains new tracks devoted to French lutenist Charles Fleury de Blancrocher (c.1605–1652), including the only composition we know of this composer: the Allemande, L’Offrande. The other new tracks are of music by Robert De Visée (Suite No. 9 in d minor and La Plainte, Tombeau des Mesdemoiselles de Visée); the last new piece is the Courante Dixiesme by renaissance composer Robert Ballard.

This renovated album is an exhaustive collection of Tombeau's dedicated to Mr. Blancrocher: an amateur musician well known by the best composers of his time: Couperin, Froberger, Gaultier and many others. So don't miss it!

Also don't forget to download the new cover!

The second album, Las Flores No Valen Nada, contains masterpieces by some of the greatest Spanish composers, and includes songs for soprano and guitar by Federico Garcia Lorca: very rare pieces of music written by a very well known poet and dramatist! Many of the tracks are played by Lentini Riva on an antique guitar which was built in Madrid by Santos-Hernandez in 1925. The sound and phrasing of this interpreter are extremely refined and richly expressive, perfectly echoing the poetry of these wonderful works


The title of the album is taken from the words of a beautiful love song called "Zorongo" (tr. 11).

La luna es un pozo chico
La luna es un pozo chico
las flores no valen nada;
lo que valen son tus brazos
cuando de noche me abrazas.

The moon is a tiny well,
the flowers are worthless;
the only things that matter are your arms
when they embrace me at night.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy listening to these splendid albums. And don't forget that by purchasing the albums you help our musicians directly, since they earn 50%!