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Roccato interviewed by Guido Zaccagnini at RadioTre Suite
By @les (on 24/03/2009 @ 20:10:37, in Interviews)

Conceived with the purpose of offering Astor Piazzolla's tangos by playing those instruments which are its vital core, the TrisTango has shown an ability of combining both a faithful and a creative interpretation of the original music. The trio - now a quartet! - has remained far from numberless interpretations which only emphasize the melodic aspect of Piazzolla's music. It has gone where the young Piazzolla in the fifties got inspiration for his new music, that is contemporary classical music - and, most of all, jazz - but it has expanded its performances by absorbing the evocative sounds of new contaminations, such as ethnic music and has given wide space to improvisations. The result is an overwhelming emotional strenght which pours out from the musicians on to the audience.

Its eclecticism allows the TrisTango to perform both in classical music seasons and jazz festivals, and furthermore it is really interesting with orchestra accompaniment.

The sound (captured with 6 Neumann mics.) and the executive production are rigorously signed by Alessandro Simonetto, founder of onclassical.com; post-production and mastering are made by Daniele Roccato using a natural convolution.

Here it is the interview (Italian with English subtitles) about the new release of OnClassical: 'round Piazzolla signed by TrisTango: Daniele Roccato (doublebass), Marco Tezza (piano), Massimiliano Pitocco (bandoneon) and Saverio Tasca (vibraphone and percussion).

The (real) compact disc can be purchased (see contact info) at a price of 15 euros (including expenses).