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A licensing feature for the director George Fok
By @les (on 18/03/2009 @ 11:40:13, in Licensing)

Our beginning with our new licensing program has been so very successful: we are already receiving the many requests for music on DVDs and micro-film promotions.

So far, our greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that we have been requested by the Canadian Phi Group Inc., to use Gianluca Luisi's piano performance of Mozart's Sonata in D Major as soundtrack for the film Turbid. This is the first feature directed by George Fok. Turbid, was recently officially selected for the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal - says Marie-France Barbier, Creative Team Coordinator of Phi Group Inc. (see the official site). We are very pleased to have this request and to supply Gianluca Luisi's fine performance to them.

Some shots taken from the film Turbid.

The producers seem to understand the benefits of this new type of licensing: no longer royalties and dispersing practices, only one organization to contact for your needs, a price which is pre-cleared and a signature, all completed to the finish for you.

We sincerely hope that all of our products will be most successful and we stand behind our approach to the production of quality recordings of fine Classical musical performances.