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Jamendo chose OnClassical!
By benny (on 18/02/2009 @ 18:28:57, in Announcements)

A few months ago Jamendo, the most important circuit of free music, came to an agreement with OnClassical for a special convention regarding our classical music. Under this agreement OnClassical provides them with 80% of classical music (which Jamendo currently does not cover) to be used as a commercial radio for classical music.

From Jamendo's pages, however, you can not download the album but only hear via streaming at a quality slightly superior to the host on onclassical.com (96 kbps / cbt). This and other exceptions are made to OnClassical to host the classical music from our internet corner.

The agreement signed in Faenza (Bologna) last November allows our musicians to profit through the sale of commercial radios that will serve as background music for stores, restaurants, etc., and for the creation of music for film, video, etc.

And remember that the same thing (licensing of music for purposes other than personal use) is now possible directly from our site too. The partnership with Jamendo, a highly visited portal with more than 3 million visitors per month, is a privilege that will especially aid the circulation of our online catalogue for the benefit of our artists.

From the left: Alessandro Simonetto (Founder of OnClassical), Veronika Körmendi (Marketing and artist support, Jamendo), Pierre-Yves Lanneau-Saint-Leger (Head of Marketing and Communication, Jamendo) at dinner after a (long!) day spent at the exhibition center of Faenza.