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New OnClassical first released 2 years ago!
By @les (on 14/02/2009 @ 15:46:16, in Announcements)

Today, two years ago, we launched this new version of OnClassical with a new philosophy, and still today it is the only one on the worldwide net! As a matter of fact onclassical.com is still the only e-label for self-produced classical music and the only e-label for audiophiles!

In these two years, though, not much has changed and several difficulties and reasons for discouragement still persist; all the same, a lot of things have happened and a growing reputation has spread both on and off the web. Just think of the recent interview to the largest national newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, but also our participation at the Festival della Creatività  / QuiFree next to important and even free realities such as Wikimedia and Ubuntu, or the recent partnership with Jamendo (of which you will read very soon).

(cc) Simonetto / OnClassical

It also saw the beginning of the sale of our repertoire for commercial uses such as background music for films.

This period has also seen the initiative to sponsor ten new recordings of young emerging artists, all tested by international awards, and all absolutely prestigious (but soon this news will appear on the blog and entire previews given on the site for the new releases).

And to crown these two years of life onclassical.com could not have missed today's long interview granted to the prestigious magazine for audiophiles, TNT-Audio, edited by Lucio Cadeddu!

For the time being, this is our news. Stimulation and encouragement comes from meetings by onclassical.com with amateurs and professionals of sound and musicians who have convinced us to proceed. And so to the future! Thanks to you all!