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A fortunate 2009 is to unfold!
By benny (on 18/01/2009 @ 16:23:11, in Interviews)

Dear friend, just a quick note to underline a few important articles and interviews about our onclassical.com which have very recently appeared on the net.

Firstly, the prestigious online review for audiophiles, TNT-Audio - very well known online to be a promoter of Real Stereo concept - have just published a little article about us. I'm here reporting a brief enthusiastic extract:

I'll be keeping my eye on the OnClassical site as I seek to expand my classical music collection and suggest that you do the same. If you are not yet really into classical music, why not allow OnClassical to help you discover what is one of the great delights of being an audiophile? They've already got a great selection and I'm sure that their method of promoting lesser known artists will attract many more. This is surely one of the best gifts that the Internet has given the audiophile since a certain hi-fi magazine was started some years ago!

The article points out some good advantages of buying music online (the full version here).

In the same review, a separated interview, was given to TNT-Audio founder, Lucio Cadeddu [IT] some days ago, and I think it will be published very soon there (take a look of the site to grab it): very interesting questions there.

Another one is also the one published on the Italian Podcast - the first really to be dedicated to classical music here in Italy): dacapoalfine.it.

And last but not least, a final recent article is appeared at pettinix, the online Italian blog concerning all that is free (Linux, OS, Creative Commons). Is OnClassical free too? Well yes, our philosophy is! :)

So a very fortunate 2009 is to unfold!

Very soon other important news!