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The Art of Fugue | A new release
By @les (on 31/12/2008 @ 09:14:49, in Arrivals!)

We are proud to introduce to you pianist, Antonio Palareti through his only available recording: The Art of Fugue. This version of the masterwork by Johann Sebastian Bach is the posthumous one published in 1751, and it consists of 14 fugues (the last of them unfinished) and 4 2-voice canons.

During a significant period, Antonio Palareti travelled within Italy and abroad, often accompanied by music critic and historian Piero Buscaroli (who has written for Mondadori the colossal biography dedicated to J.S. Bach), playing the Art by memory and creating dynamic energy and attention amongst all types of audiences.

This recording, made on a brand new Steinway & Son's 9-foot piano, is now available on onclassical.com in two different albums (for a total of about 90 minutes): first and second album.

Album playlists:

#1 Play it Details (Contrapunctus I-XI)
#2 Play it Details (Contrapunctus XII-XIV + 4 2-voice Canons)