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Zeitschichten interviews OnClassical's founder
By benny (on 04/12/2008 @ 18:23:36, in Interviews)

The American music web magazine Zeitschichten.com has just released an interview to Alessandro Simonetto, founder of OnClassical. The interview, conducted by Matthias Roeder, focuses on issues related to the advantages of publishing on onclassical.com and the future music online.

Zeitschichten.com: Your recording label OnClassical distributes its recordings solely via the internet. The music can be downloaded in .wav format without any copy protection (DRM-free). What brought you to this unusual business model?

Alessandro Simonetto: I have always thought that trust in the buyer is a great way to get respect from them. In this sense the philosophy of Creative Commons was a pleasant discovery and confirmation, so that control no longer depends on such entities as the royalty societies and other authorities, but on the artists themselves. With respect to OnClassical, it also means replacing the interest of the many (very often these are small record labels, agents, or producers) with the interest of the individual, because the interests of the many limits the artist in every way. So, in the end, it is the artist who benefits the most.

You may read the whole piece here.