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New recording studio in new home!
By @les (on 21/09/2008 @ 15:58:50, in Announcements)

The new OnClassical recording studio is located at our new home in the quite and ventilated town of Pove del Grappa, two-steps away from Bassano (Vicenza, N.E. Italy) at the foot of mount Grappa.

Our new home (rear)

Unlike other studios, which are often dry and expressionless, this studio (with a main room of c. 25 m2 * 3) has been designed by me with a system of outer empty rooms that amplify the sound and color it as a natural sound board. A simple system of mobile tents also diversifies the answer in reverb.

Our new harpsichord built on famous 1638 Ruckers model.

In addition to hi-fi for playback (with Dynaudio and Triangle speakers), I make available to performers two music instruments: a Bluethner grand piano (1952) and a new two-keyboard harpsichord, a Flemish model built above Ruckers (Antwerp, 1638) by William Horn.

The study was designed to serve as a music hall and, at the same time, to record especially solo harpsichord and chamber music.