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Nostalgia - The story-teller pianist’s dreamy effort.
By @les (on 23/07/2008 @ 15:51:31, in Artists)

"Many tiny stories. Played in Vicenza night, merged in the acustic perfection of the Olimpico, played by the “ballad-singer” Marco Tezza, focused on his dreamy effort.

There is nothing more recognizable than the popular soul. And this is Romantic Germany, nowhere to be found, lost. Marco Tezza, the story-teller, has played "Ein Choral", with suspended hands, wrapped up in velvet. And he was upright, nearly far from the keyboard, being a pianist who usually seems to penetrate with his entire body the wires, the hammers and the felts of that prodigy called piano."

Bepi de Marzi (translated text from "Il Giornale di Vicenza")

To see also: Marco Tezza at the Olimpic Theatre in Vicenza.