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Your additions at onclassical.com
By @les (on 24/11/2007 @ 16:11:48, in Artists)

We have recently received a lot of new CDs of classical, jazz and other music. We thank you for thinking of us, however, please let me point out a few important things that we require before we can include music on our site.

Recordings you send should be:
1. good-quality (that means excellent quality) recordings;
2. not live recordings (as live recordings are often noisy or contain wrong notes...);
3. (preferably) recordings with coherent programming

If your recording and performance are to our interest we will then contact you and send you a free and non-exclusive agreement to sign. You will have no fees - never at any moment - to enroll at onclassical.com.

For any queries, contact me here, but please note above all that we are searching for classical and countemporary music or jazz artists (cross over may be also evaluated).

To conclude you must not have signed any exclusive agreement with any record label or any kind of authors' society. OnClassical has no relationship with any of these.

Read also:


or, if you wish request us to see a copy of our agreement.

The address where you may send the recordings (only in .wav original format - not derived from mp3s or compressed files) is:

ONCLASSICAL by A.Simonetto
c/o Via Ca'Petofi 13
36022 Cassola, Vicenza

Many thanks!

Alessandro Simonetto