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Don your ushanka for music from Russia
By @les (on 15/11/2007 @ 17:17:39, in Arrivals!)

Don Kosaken Chor is a male folk ensemble from the cold Russia. For more than 50 years the choir travelled throughout the world with Sergej Jaroff enjoying incredible success. At the time, the group recorded with no less than Deutsche Grammophone (I've been able to buy such an LP at an antiques market in Piazzola sul Brenta [near Padua]). This morning I found this 1930 documentary at YouTube...

Since 1991 the group is conducted by Wanja Hlibka, who at the time was one of its soloists (and in fact, all the members of the Don Kosaken Chor are amongst the greatest solosists that Russia has ever provided).

I have personally been to four of their concerts and I must admit I was extremely impressed. It was like standing before monuments, and the vibration was such that the dynamics were at the limits of tolerance (90 db), with intervals that cover extensions of over 4 and a half octaves (this is absolutely great on a sole male choir!), the organ sounds produced soft tones alternated with folkloristic effects so typical of Russia.

Don Kosaken Chor Wanja Hlibka

This post just to tell you that the only CD they ever recorded (as a dedicated recording not a live concert) will be soon available at onclassical.com. I am simply honoured to publish this group and I hope it will be the first of a series of famous vocal groups. A big thank you goes to the manager of the Kosaken Chor, Birgit Sziele, who has followed and supported onclassical.com since 2003!