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New albums at onclassical.com!
By @les (on 15/11/2007 @ 16:30:13, in Arrivals!)

We have just released a new virtuoso artist: Pierre Feraux is a young virtuoso pianist who studied at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. He also graduated with top marks from the Queen Elizabeth College of Music (Waterloo, Belgium).

OnClassical's new featured artist: Pierre Feraux

Pierre has received many other prizes and awards in piano competitions: he has won the Andrée Charlier Piano Competition, the National Pro Civitate Competition, the Excellentia Piano Competition, and the J. Musiciens Contest.

In the album released at onclassical.com he performs the Liszt Sonata in b minor - for which he received a Special Award at the Royal College of Music from which he recently graduated. He then proposes Haydn's Sonata... and the Brahms' Variations op. 24. The pathos demonstrated leaves no space for doubts or technical imprecision: Feraux is a mature artist able to expess his musical thought without a glimpse of uncertainty.

Other new release: our first album compilation.

The OnClassical compilation

This is a collection of the best recordings for each instrument already present on onclassical.com. It's a good start to begin listening to our catalogue and quality.