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By @les (on 14/07/2012 @ 11:07:19, in Recordings)

We continue our collaboration with Simone Stella, now with the monumental edition (in six albums) of the complete organ works by Dietrich Buxtehude. Simone is definitely at home with both this incredible variety of music and the king of the instruments, the organ. His rich choice of colours gives extra value to the just unexceptionable rendition which is also fresh, rhythmic, solar...

The recording is 100% natural, with no additional effect added, nor equalisation. The sound gives the right detail and balance to the instrument without being too dry. In a word: a great collection!

By @les (on 17/05/2012 @ 14:47:43, in News)

online il bando del concorso pianistico organizzato dal pianista Gianluca Luisi che si svolgerà dal 29 agosto al 2 settembre nella cittadina di Osimo (Ancona).

Il concorso è aperto a molteplici categorie dai bambini agli adulti; il bando è consultabile qui. Da quest'anno la partecipazione sarà internazionale con varie giurie a seconda delle categorie.

I premi sono interessanti e avrò l'onore di essere ospitato fra la giuria.

I pianoforti saranno offerti dalla ditta Fabbrini di Pesaro.


Ecco il recente articolo a cura di Franco Fayenz apparso sulla rivista Amadeus (Marzo 2012 N. 268). Ne riportiamo un breve estratto.

Territori inesplorati

"Ogni tanto fa bene tornare alle origini (del jazz, in questo caso). L'opportunità ci viene offerta da Fumo [...]. Alla musica afro-americana e al ragtime è pervenuto all'inizio degli anni Ottanta, riuscendo a dimenticare [...] le reminiscenze concertistiche che possono alterare il tocco e il ritmo particolari che il ragtime richiede. Adesso, dopo trent'anni di esperienza fra i rags, Fumo è approdato a maturità e disinvoltura rarissime [...]. Qui aggiunge quattro chicche storiche ormai di raro ascolto, magicamente sospese fra il jazz tradizionale e la musica contemporanea europea, cioè le composizioni per pianoforte solo di Bix Beiderbecke. Basterebbe questa impresa per ringraziarlo."

The Early Ragtime
Marco Fumo

OnClassical OC41RT

Il disco può essere acquistato ora anche fisicamente facendone richiesta direttamente alla pagina facebook di Marco Fumo: (copia e incolla il link sulla barra degli indirizzi).

By @les (on 01/03/2012 @ 09:47:09, in Announcements)

Yes, you may now find our prods of Bustijn and Buxtehude (harpsichord works) on physical support thanks to the international label Brilliant Classics.

They are well known worldwide for applying very low prices on very good musical products. Their vast catalogue (see now Buxtehude) is massively distributed everywhere in shops and internet, both on CD and as "liquid". Now the choice of whether to download the album here or buy it from them is only yours!

We are proud that such an important label has decided to publish our recordings and hopefully this is a good indicator for you to trust our efforts.

By @les (on 12/07/2011 @ 06:18:02, in News)

The recording of Bustijn, a world first release in a original performance by our founder Alessandro Simonetto, has been recently published at


The recording attracted the immediate interest of international label Brilliant Classics who acquired the rights in co-exclusive with OnClassical. Since April 2011, in fact, the recording is also part of their catalogue.

In the meantime a first review compares at, the prestigious UK review. Musicologist Byzantion Sardegno describes the recording by Alessandro Simonetto as the one to get in spite of (non complete) recordings by Bob van Asperen (Sony Classical Vivarte 46349, 1991), and by Jacques Ogg (Globe 5101, 1993)!
He continues: "Listening to eighty minutes of solo harpsichord is not always recommendable, but many will surely find themselves unwilling to press the Stop button - either that, or time will fly past unnoticed. Only one movement of the 53 in total is three minutes long, and many come in at well under a minute - there is no time to lose interest! Instead the listener is swept along on the tide of Bustijn's imagination.

The disc has been nominated as "Bargain of the month" and also obtained the 'Classic' award from the original reviewer's website). We are very proud of it!

The disc may also be downloaded in high quality here.

By @les (on 26/04/2011 @ 16:39:50, in Implementations)

We are moving the site into a new server. The modifications should be terminated within hours. We regret for any inconvenience.


Dear customers,

(ZIP files) - OnClassical is currently working to ensure faster album downloads by uploading zip files on our servers. Each file will include all the tracks of an album, so that you will have one file to download rather than many files. Only a few days and our team will be done!

(HD tracks) - Many of our customers are asking to make our master recordings available, rather than CD-quality files. This would be possible, and it was OnClassical's original intention. OnClassical was the first label in Italy to make .wav files available online, so why not be the first label to sell HD tracks? Our current server would allow us to do so, and in the very near future our customers will have some of our hi-fi recordings in 88.2 kHz x 24 bit to download as well.

(Hi-res covers) - Once more, we regret not to have published the cover art-work, but our limited production time only allows us to produce the cover image. However, all covers are made with care by using high quality images purchased within the public domain resources (high resolution images have a cost nonetheless, even when the images are free). For our customer's greater satisfaction, all our covers will soon be available in 1440 x 1440 pixels x 300 dpi (print quality), and will be available as you access each recording's profile.

The team at OnClassical will be away for a few days, April 24-27. For assistance, please contact studio@(ourdomain) or call +39 339 3162931.

We at OnClassical hope that you will enjoy the improvements we have made to our website!

Alessandro Simonetto, founder


We continue our collaboration with the organist and harpsichordist Simone Stella, this time with the harpsichord works by Dietrich Buxtehude in four releases. These works, recorded only a few times in the history of music, include the vast majority of the Suites for harpsichord and the six Arias with Variations, plus some minor works and five "manualiter" organ works.

Simone Stella enriches his interpretation with a refined and charming phrasing and a gentle touch. The harpsichord is exploited in all its combinations of registers for a more coloristic variety.

We start from the 4th album. Coming soon Nos. 1, 3, 2.

By @les (on 13/04/2011 @ 09:37:59, in Announcements)

Starting April 2011 all productions signed OnClassical will be distributed in more than an hundred online stores like iTunes, Amazon, Virgin, real,, emusic, Mondadori, fnacmusic, musicload, MediaMarkt, 7digital,, vodafone, AOL, Spiral Frog, InProdicon, beatport, MTunes, Telefonica, Cellfish, Nokia, Deejay store, DR, musicnet, musicmatch, mobiVillage, Napster, Telecom, Rhapsody and many other.

This will be possibile thanks to the partnership signed with one of the largest distributors worldwide.

By @les (on 25/03/2011 @ 18:35:21, in Licensing)

Latest news!

We are happy to announce that an agreement has just been signed for the licensing of the Complete Opera by Chopin performed by Roberto Poli. The twelve-volume opera will be published and physically distributed by a newborn English label which comes under the artistic direction of the international label, Brilliant Classics.

The first release is scheduled for next April.

Soon new details.


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