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Jacopo Salvatori plays Debussy, Images, Suite Bergamasque, Isle Joyeuse


Debussy, Images, Suite Bergamasque, Isle Joyeuse

Jacopo Salvatori

Tim. / Size:
Orig. res.:
Classical Music
20th Century
65:39 / 577
Available at 44.1 kHz * 16 bit

Along with Maurice Ravel, Achille-Claude Debussy was one of the most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music, though he himself intensely disliked the term when applied to his compositions.
"Suite bergamasque" (1890) recalls rococo decorousness with a modern cynicism and puzzlement. This suite contains one of Debussy's most popular pieces, "Clair de Lune".
His first volume of "Images pour piano" (1904–1905) combines harmonic innovation with poetic suggestion: "Reflets dans l'eau" is a musical description of rippling water; "Hommage à Rameau", the second piece, is slow and yearningly nostalgic. It takes as its inspiration a melody from Jean-Philippe Rameau's "Castor et Pollux" (1737). The third piece is very fast and vibrating.
The album also contains the II set of Images as well as "L'isle joyeuse" a difficult, virtuoso piece. The Florentine pianist Jacopo Salvatori reveals a profound poetic sense and a proper timbre research. This album is recorded on a Fazioli grand piano.
The sound is veiled and highly dynamic ("Clair de Lune" is even DR 19!).

Recorded at: Auditorium Fazioli, Sacile (Pordenone), 2009
Engineer: Alessandro Simonetto
Photo/paint on cover: Photo by jasohill (flickr.com), (CC BY NC SA 3.0)
Art-work: ©OnClassical

Original studio master is copyrighted: OnClassical, © 2009

Born in Fiesole in 1986, Jacopo Salvatori is a pupil of pianist Maurizio Baglini at the Fondazione Musicale Monteverdi of Cremona. He first approached the piano when he was only four; two years later he began his piano studies at the Music School of Fiesole. He then graduated "cum laude" and with honourable mention at the “Girolamo Frescobaldi” Conservatory of Ferrara.

At the same time, Jacopo attended several master classes guided by renowned pianists such as Andrea Lucchesini, Boris Petrushansky, and Konstantin Bogino. He also specialized in chamber music under Maestro Rocco Filippini at Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome and under Bruno Canino in Fiesole. He also studied with Dario De Rosa, Renato Zanettovich, Maureen Jones and Enrico Bronzi at the International School of Music of Trio di Trieste, in Duino.

Jacopo Salvatori has played both as a soloist and as a chamber musician in various Italian and European cities; he recently performed at William Walton Foundation in Ischia, and during the Ravenna music Festival with members of the “Luigi Cherubini Orchestra” under the direction of famous conductor Riccardo Muti.

Also interested in contemporary music, he has worked together with musicians such as Renato Rivolta and Michele Dall’Ongaro, and has taken part in the recording of John Cage’s Concert for Prepared Piano and Orchestra, as a member of the Vincenzo Galilei Orchestra.

In May 2009 he recorded a solo-piano disc for the netlabel, OnClassical, playing music by Claude Debussy at the Fazioli Concert Hall, in Sacile.


Jacopo Salvatori is an extremely versatile musician who is endowed with a rare feel for music, not to mention a natural curiosity and an interest in music that urge him to strive for progress and improvement.
- Maurizio Baglini


OnClassical, © MMXIV.