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Quartetto Sandro Materassi plays Brahms, String Quintets

Quartetto Sandro Materassi
Alberto Bologni, Violin
Grazia Serradimigni, Violin
Danilo Rossi, Viola
Olga Arzilli, Viola
Mauro Valli, Cello

Brahms, String Quintets

Classical Music
Romantic/19th Century (1820 - 1900)
OC20R (-99)
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Album content

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897): String Quintet No. 1 in F major, Op. 88

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Details of Brahms, String QuintetsInfo:
Year of release: 2008
The recording was made at Cascina Boffalora, Piacenza in 1999.
Time duration: 47:54
Size: 591 Mb (in .wav files)
Original resolution: N/A
Original master availability? No
Dynamic range: 11
Sound quality: *** (3 stars = maximum)

Technical cast:
Sound: Michele Gaggia
Editing: N/A
Mastering: None
Artistic direction: N/A
(General) Production: N/A
Equipment used: N/A
Instrument(s) used: N/A
Tuning: N/A
Photo/paint on cover: Photo by pink_dispatcher (flickr.com), (CC BY-SA)
Art-work: OnClassical
Other notes: N/A

Original audio is copyrighted: OnClassical, © 1999


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