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The Don Kosaken Chor comes with a broad spectrum of timbres, from the playfully instrumental sounding background of a solo part to the vocal authority of an operatic choir. The choir was founded in 1991 by Wanja Hlibka and George Tymczenko: both were soloists under Serge Jaroff in the world famous Don Kosaken Chor until its disbandment in 1979. The repertoire is the same as the former original choir's, with all scores being transcripts from Serge Jaroff's private music library, presently in the care of his son, Alexeij, in America. In the meantime the Don Kosaken Chor Wanja Hlibka has become a top "A Cappella" choir.

Thanks to Hlibka's continuous activity and his absolute dedication to maximum performance, the choir continues to elate the public in spite of thousands of kilometres and hundreds of concerts a year. He is the guarantor of the high artistic level of the choir, whom he conducts, directs and dominates with nearly imperceptible movements.

The choir performs live and without the aid of amplification even in such large venues as the Musikhalle in Hamburg, the Messehalle in Frankfurt or the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. For more than 10 years now the choir, under the conduction of Wanja Hlibka, has been touring and is giving concerts every year in about 250 cathedrals and concert halls. Television appearances on ZDF, SAT1, WDR1, ORF, MDR, ORB and RTL contributed to quickly growing popularity.

Wanja Hlibka was born into a Russian-German family in 1948 in Petershausen, near Munich. He had his first private singing lesson at the age of 17 and was engaged only two years later by Serge Jaroff. After his first tour in 1967 he began to study music at the Hamburg Conservatory during breaks from touring (with a special permission), and later singing with Professor Josef Metternich in Starnberg which proved to be decisive for his voice.

Mr. Hlibka remained loyal to Serge Jaroff until the disbandment of the choir. Apart from his preference for German folksongs and opera exerpts from German and Italian composers, his activity in the Don Kosaken Chor has made Russian-orthodox sacral hymns and folk music songs particularly important to him.

As the youngest soloist of the original Don Kosaken Chor, Wanja Hlibka sees his most important task as conductor of the new formation, to be the furtherance of Serge Jaroff's art and to maintain his level of form and quality.


The enormous soundscape stretches from the most profound depths through to cear heights.
- Schwäbische Zeitung

Wanja Hlibka conducts his choir through the program most masterfully, giving the choir a perfect sound of one-ness. It's no doubt Serge Jaroff has a worthy successor.
- Neuß-Grevenbroicher Zeitung

The powerfull voices of the ensemble were incredible.
- Bergische Morgenpost

Deep, sonorous, full sounding basses, clear like a crystal and shining tenors: a fantastic sound fills the church to the furthest corner. The voices are absolutely powerful, the intonation spot on. The dynamic breadth, the perfect tempi and the stylistic certainty of the soloists culminated in a well sounding delight. The Don Kosaken Chor under the leadership of Wanja Hlibka gave an impressive testimonium to be the legitimate successor of the original Don Kosaken Chor, Serge Jaroff.
- Hünfelder Zeitung



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