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Piazzolla, A.: 'Le Grand Tango' & Other Works

Duo Grittani Zaccaria, Duo
Leonardo Grittani, Flute
Maurizio Zaccaria, Piano

Album(s): 1

Album catalog: AE19090
EAN/UPC: 0/634065037994
Original audio available @ 88.2 kHz * 24 bit


Album content:

Piazzolla, A.: Le Grand Tango (flute & piano arr.)
Piazzolla, A.: Pieces (flute & piano arr.) [7]
Piazzolla, A.: Histoire du tango (flute & piano arr.) [4]


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"Legs intertwine, gazes merge, bodies fuse in a firulete and succumb to its charm. Giving the impression that tango is a great magical embrace hard to break off. Because there is something suggestive, something sensual and, at the same time, something tremendously emotional in it". Jorge Luis Borges used these words to describe the infinite universe of Argentine tango, capturing the physical and sensual twine, the corporeality and magic permeating every move and note. The use of the term firulete is not a coincidence: it refers to the embellishment and to the many decorative possibilities which can be applied to the dance. To underline the dancers' virtuosities and moves, tracing figures with their feet well planted on the floor, their hearts reaching out for pure emotion. The same emotion flowing while listening to this exquisite album, in which Astor Piazzolla's Nuevo Tango (1921-1992) is magnificently displayed. Given its style of composition in which the dance roots can be taken towards new shores (and making them evolve).
The reason lies in the very same work made by two extraordinary musicians - flautist Leonardo Grittani and pianist Maurizio Zaccaria - on the record, a very passionate tribute to the music and the Piazzolla’s tango. On one hand, Piazzola and these young musicians share common origins, all of them are from Apulia (Southern Italy) and the same Astor, who was born in Mar de la Plata in 1921.
The recording was done in a unique session using a pair of historical Brüel & Kjaer microphones and Prism Sound equipment (pres & converters) by sound engineer Alessandro Simonetto.


Recorded @ Saletta acustica 'Eric James', Pove del Grappa, 2019
Sound engineer: Alessandro Simonetto
Equipment used: B&K mics.
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano, 'Ferrari-O'
Photo/paint on cover: Rossella Mele
Artwork: OnClassical
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