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Marco Fumo plays The Early Ragtime

Marco Fumo

The Early Ragtime

20th Century
OC41RT (-41)
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Album content

Various composers: Works by T.Turpin, S.Joplin, J.Scott, J.Scott
Beiderbecke, Leon Bix (1903-1931): Suite for piano

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A disc entirely devoted to the legend of ragtime and its birth; includes the first ever published ragtime signed by Turpin, the most famous rags by Joplin and Scott, the one of Gershwin and the development towards jazz by Beiderbecke. The pianist we present is one of the leading experts in this field, the Italian Marco Fumo, who for over thirty years has dedicated himself to researching the interpretation of Afro-American music and ragtime in particular. The recording was made on a 1952 Bluethner grand piano and captured by Neumann mics (Tube M 147 + TLM 103). The result is something fascinating!

Details of The Early RagtimeInfo:
Year of release: 2010
The recording was made at OnClassical Studio, Pove del Grappa in 2009.
Time duration: 49:12
Size: 496 Mb (in .wav files)
Original resolution: 88.2 kHz * 24 bit
Original master availability? No
Dynamic range: 13
Sound quality: *** (3 stars = maximum)

Technical cast:
Sound: Alessandro Simonetto
Editing: Alessandro Simonetto
Mastering: Alessandro Simonetto
Artistic direction: Alessandro Simonetto
(General) Production: OnClassical
Equipment used: Neumann mics.
Instrument(s) used: 9-foot Bluethner 1952 piano
Tuning: N/A
Photo/paint on cover: N/A
Art-work: ©OnClassical
Other notes: N/A

Original audio is copyrighted: OnClassical, © 2009


OnClassical, © MMXIV