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"Technically and sonically perfect."
- Dr. Michael Loos, klassik.com, XII/2014


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Our Passion, Your Music.

∆VEA is the new (physical) label born from the cooperation between OnClassical and Naxos of America*. It focuses on Romantic and XX century repertoire for single instrument or chamber music ensembles. The artists are carefully selected by purpuse and the audio and musical quality has no compromises.


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∆VEA = ∆olum Vibrare Eloquenter Audio

∆VEA's recordings aspire to capture the best artistic performance and interaction between interpretive phase and environmental response.

∆VEA makes very little use of post-production; sometimes not a single action is taken after the recording and editing processes. The final sound, and the concluding stage of mixing, both originate from the initial idea of the recording project, conducted through careful consideration of the musical character of the work, the performers, and instrumental and environmental properties.


Symbols on our CDs:


LRA = Loudness range.
The LRA is an expression for the long-term dynamic of the record. Values above 10 indicates a good dynamic range.
Mostly the values of our recordings are very high (more than 17 with no rarely 20 or above!).


We do the CD mastering via the original HD recording files.
As very last action we reduce the sampling and resolution (ie. from 88.2/24-bits) to obtain a perfect quality CD. While converting the perfect studiomaster into CD standard quality we apply the triangular dithering at its maximum quality (no noise shaping).


Physical distribution!

Naxos of America / Naxos of Canada

LMI - Launch Music International

(USA & Canada)
Digital HD, MfiT and standard quality

(UK and rest of the globe)

See the complete list of distributors here.



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